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Straightening Cylinder Heads

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny walks you through the importance of straightening your cylinder heads before milling the bottom so your valvetrain components can perform at their maximum capacity. Danny Soliz owns and operates Hill Country Performance & Machine in Spring Branch, TX.

Danny Soliz
EngineQuest 2021 Product Overview

We caught up with the folks at EngineQuest during the 2021 SEMA & AAPEX shows to hear what new products they have to offer! For more info:

Goodson Cold Crack Repair Kit for Cast Iron Heads

The kit includes 100 genuine Irontite .235″ x 15/16″ threaded crack repair plugs plus the drill, reamer and two taps you’ll need to insert them.

Never Use Scotch-Brite on Aluminum Heads

Scotch-Brite may have some usefulness in the engine shop, but one place it should NEVER be used is on aluminum cylinder head deck surfaces. Using Scotch-Brite is the equivalent of strapping a chain to the cylinder head, having a buddy stand on it and dragging it behind a car on the street. Your results will

Danny Soliz Says – Document Your Work

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance & Machine says no matter what you’re working on when it comes to engines, you should always document your work, especially when it comes to cylinder head work and all the valvetrain components involved. Danny also gives a few bonus tips in this episode.

Dart Machinery SHP Series Heads

These cylinder heads are manufactured using a proprietary process employing permanent molds and a dense aluminum alloy.

Dart Cylinder Head
New Dart SHP Series heads

Based on the popular 23° valve angle configuration, this cylinder head features a revised port design to deliver significant power improvements at budget-friendly affordability.

AFR Acquired by Private Equity

Air Flow Research (AFR), a manufacturer of high-performance cylinder heads, intake manifolds and related components, has been acquired by Taglich Private Equity (TPE) in a partnership with AFR’s founding family and management. The company’s 42 production and office employees based in Valencia, CA, will remain with the current executive team and staff. AFR was founded

Rechecking Valve Jobs

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris covers why it’s a good idea to always check the valve job on cylinder heads, even when they are brand new from the manufacturer.

Powerstroke Upgrades

Marketed as the ICON series, these cylinder heads are a totally new, built from the ground up, clean sheet, USA design that will replace Kill Devil Diesel’s previous aluminum heads for Powerstroke applications.

Piston Quench & Cylinder Head Chamber Mods

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris breaks down what piston quench is and what kind of quench is ideal, as well as certain chamber modifications you can make to get better performance in your engine.

Ultra-Smooth Surface Finishes

Determining the correct surface finish means you must consider the metallurgy of the head and block castings along with the type of head gasket you use.