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Converting Cylinder Heads for Unleaded Fuel

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny walks you through the steps needed to convert a cylinder head to run unleaded fuel.

Creating the SML Cylinder Head – Part 3

Steve Morris keeps hashing out the new SML cylinder head design on the Centroid CNC. Watch to see what makes this new cylinder head special and why the SML engine is special as well.

Machining Steve Morris’ SML Heads – Part 2

Now that Steve has everything setup in the 5-axis Centroid CNC, the real machine work has begun. Check out the progress on these billet aluminum heads.

Inside Look at Steve Morris Engines’ SML Heads – Part 1

As Steve continues to develop his SML engine platform, he gives us an inside look at the development of the cylinder heads, which start from a raw block of billet aluminum and turn into a work of art thanks to a Centroid 5-axis CNC.

Concrete Filling Cylinder Heads

For competition level cylinder heads, filling them with concrete is a way to help improve performance. Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance shows you the tips and tricks to doing this job the right way.

Steve Morris’ SMX Engine Gets Heads and Intake Installed

Now that the primary internals are all set, Steve shifts his focus to the top end of the SMX build and shows you his SMX cylinder head set up and intake.

Moroso ROX 4.5 Bore Spacing Cylinder Heads

Moroso has introduced Part # 68336, valve covers for ROX 4.5 Bore Spacing cylinder heads, theyclear Jesel & T&D Style Rocker Shaft Assemblies. They are fabricated entirely from superior quality aluminum, ultra-lightweight and are 2-7⁄8″ tall. Their one-piece billet rail is CNC machined to ensure a precision flat surface for superior sealing. Mating of the

Moroso Cylinder Heads
A Guide to LS Cylinder Heads

All LS cylinder heads have performance potential, but as with any aspect of engine building, the end goal determines the starting point.

LS Cylinder Heads
Straightening Cylinder Heads

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny walks you through the importance of straightening your cylinder heads before milling the bottom so your valvetrain components can perform at their maximum capacity. Danny Soliz owns and operates Hill Country Performance & Machine in Spring Branch, TX.

Danny Soliz
EngineQuest 2021 Product Overview

We caught up with the folks at EngineQuest during the 2021 SEMA & AAPEX shows to hear what new products they have to offer! For more info:

Goodson Cold Crack Repair Kit for Cast Iron Heads

The kit includes 100 genuine Irontite .235″ x 15/16″ threaded crack repair plugs plus the drill, reamer and two taps you’ll need to insert them.

Never Use Scotch-Brite on Aluminum Heads

Scotch-Brite may have some usefulness in the engine shop, but one place it should NEVER be used is on aluminum cylinder head deck surfaces. Using Scotch-Brite is the equivalent of strapping a chain to the cylinder head, having a buddy stand on it and dragging it behind a car on the street. Your results will