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Darin Morgan Joins BES Racing Engines

Longtime racing professional Darin Morgan has joined Guilford, IN-based BES Racing Engines. Starting March 1, Morgan will be responsible for assisting BES owner Tony Bischoff in several areas, including product development and cylinder head assembly. “I’ve known Darin for several years,” Bischoff said. “He has a great work ethic, plus, you can’t find many people

Making the Most of LS Cylinder Heads

There’s a million ways to alter cylinder heads for better power, so we spoke with a few cylinder head manufacturers about their LS offerings in the market, why LS heads are so hungry for horsepower and ways you can maximize their efficiency and power potential.

Facts About Fasteners

Though fasteners are often taken for granted, using quality, high-performance studs and bolts can provide engine builders with important insurance toward long-term reliability.

Cylinder Head Porting; Turning Air Into Power

In general, the most critical areas when porting a cylinder head are those which pass the most air at the highest speed and for the longest duration.

Tips for Selecting Cylinder Heads

How do you determine the proper cylinder head for your application, whether for street performance, racing, off-road or other? When selecting the appropriate cylinder head/runner volume, there are a few basics to focus on.

Resurfacing Cylinder Heads

If your cylinder heads don’t have a perfectly flat, shiny surface, they’re not done right and you’ll need to do those again. Steve Morris explains why a correct surface finish is so crucial.

The Importance of Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing the decks on blocks and heads is vital to getting high performance out of your engine.

Edelbrock Victor DR-23 Cylinder Head

The Victor DR-23 Cylinder Head #614468 for Chevy big block engines is Edelbrock’s third generation of the Victor Chevy BB head. This bare cylinder head is fully CNC ported with a race-oriented design for those who demand a high-performance head with durability.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Cylinder Heads

Watch as Eric and Eddie of Edelbrock discuss why “Bigger Isn’t Always Better” with the newest addition to the small-block cylinder head line.

Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads for Chevrolet

Edelbrock is expanding its line of small-block Chevrolet cylinder heads to include the new Performer RPM Cylinder Head designed specifically for small-bore engines.

Edelbrock Performer RPM Small-Bore Cylinder Heads for Small-Block Chevy

Edelbrock Performer RPM Small-Bore Cylinder Heads are engineered for use with 265, 283, 305 and 307 cid small-block Chevy engines produced from 1954-2003 with 3.736″ to 4.000″ bores.

We Have Lift Off – Head lift and a look beyond the gasket

In the 1980s, many racers were experimenting with turbochargers on stock engines. Colossal horsepower and torque numbers could be produced for a short period until the engine self-destructed. One of the weakest links they focused on was how to keep the head attached to the block under extreme pressures. Many engine builders experimented with copper