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DEI Exhaust and Pipe Wraps

The wraps come in rolls to facilitate tightly wrapping around headers and pipes, resulting in a cooler air charge for improved performance.

Design Engineering Inc. Turbo Heat Shields

Keep your Turbo cool and running strong with a custom Turbo Heat Shield from Design Engineering, Inc. Available in a variety of styles and fitments for all turbo types, the shields reduce under hood temperatures while protecting sensitive components and encouraging faster spool-ups. “DEI’s complete line of Turbo Heat Shields provide the ultimate means of reducing turbo lag and

Heat Shield
Matthew Botos joins DEI team as Lead Engineer and Designer

Design Engineering, Inc. welcomes Matthew Botos as its new Lead Engineer and Designer.   Botos joined the team on May 10, with his main role focused on designing new products and improving current products. He brings extensive experience in mechanical engineering, computer aided design, computer-numerical control (CNC) machining and information technology.  After 16 years owning his own company, Botos Design

Matt Botos
DEI Joins the Hot Rod Power Tour

Automotive heat and sound control products company Design Engineering, Inc. is doing its part to make sure the annual HOT ROD Power Tour features some of the most imaginative, inspiring and just plain cool cars around. Along the Power Tour, the DEI booth will play host to vehicles provided by Boris Maryanovsky and his shop, Street Machinery, as well

DEI to Expand its Ohio Headquarters

Design Engineering Inc. has announced it is entering phase two of a long-term, three-phase expansion project that will increase capacity at its Avon Lake, Ohio headquarters.  “This expansion will allow DEI to expand manufacturing, assembly and warehouse capabilities, and grow our R&D department,” DEI VP of Operations Dave Ramirez said. “With this second addition, the

DEI Celebrates 25th Anniversary

DEI is celebrating 25 years of sales, service and support as an innovator of heat and sound control products. Founded in 1995 by performance industry veteran Dale Markley and his wife Nancy, DEI quickly earned a reputation in the Cleveland, OH area and beyond for its dynamic, pioneering solutions to combat power-robbing under-hood heat issues.

DEI GOLD Heat Protection Products

DEI’s new GOLD product line, developed for high performance street and grassroots and professional motorsports, protects critical components – lines, hose and wire from excessive heat that can reduce performance or cause failure.

DEI Introduces New Sales Representatives

Thermal and acoustic specialist, DEI, has announced two additions to the company’s inside sales department – Eric Baun and Will Farkas.

DEI Oil Rug

Changing oil is always messy. Now DEI offers a way to keep a garage or work area clean and mess free. DEI’s new Oil Rug quickly absorbs oily spills and drips to keep a work area tidy and accident free.

Design Engineering, Inc. Appoints David Ramirez Vice President of Operations

Ramirez joined the company in May and has more than 30 years of experience in systems management, quality control, logistics, sales and marketing in addition to purchasing and operations.

DEI Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeve

DEI now offers an innovative fuel line solution for a problem common with carbureted early model vehicles – vapor lock. DEI’s new Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeve provides an easy, sensible and low cost solution to prevent rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapor lock.

DEI Easy Loom Split Line Sleeving Master Kit

DEI has introduced the Easy Loom Split Line Sleeving Master Kit with everything you need in one convenient kit to add protective split line sleeving for an entire vehicle.