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Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus

Race Gas Diesel focuses specifically on cetane, oxygen and lubrication.

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Fuel Additives Address Diesel Deficiencies

Advancements in diesel fuel additives continue to play a pivotal role in improving the performance and efficiency of diesel engines.

diesel fuel additives
Hot Shot’s Secret’s EDT+ Winter Defense Now Available at O’Reilly Auto Parts

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced new distribution of EDT+ Winter Defense, a 7-in-1 anti-gel fuel booster developed to keep diesel-powered vehicles operable and improve cold starts when temps start to drop below freezing. The 16 oz. measurable squeeze bottle is now available at all locations of O’Reilly Auto Parts stores nationwide. Awarded in 2023 for

What’s the Deal with Biodiesel and Biofuel?

In this episode of AMSOIL Garage, we dive deeper into the topic of biodiesel and biofuel, and how it can impact your diesel engine.

CP4 Troubles? Try Fuel Additives

It seems no one can escape the troublesome CP4 issues on more modern diesels. However, there are a few ways to improve and increase the life of the CP4 pump and your entire fuel system – run fuel additives and give your system more lubricity. We discuss more details in this episode of AMSOIL Garage.

Diesel Fuel Additives for Power and Efficiency

Running diesel fuel additives on an every tank basis can help your engine in numerous ways. A couple of the big benefits are better power and more efficiency, and who can’t get behind that? Check out this episode of AMSOIL Garage for more diesel fuel additive info.

The Importance of Using Diesel Fuel Additives

Using diesel fuel additives on an every tank basis keeps your diesel engine out of harms way.

Diesel Injectors & Fuel Additives

When it comes to diesel performance, your fuel system and the injectors are a critical part of keeping things functioning properly. As such, you don’t want your injectors to get damaged in any way. Fuel additives can be your saving grace! We discuss the positives in this episode of the AMSOIL Garage.

Avoiding Contaminated Diesel Fuel

When covering the topic of contaminated fuel, we are effectively opening pandora’s box – that being said, we’re willing to risk it to give you folks some very necessary knowledge when it comes to your diesel fuel and proper fuel system maintenance. To start, you might be wondering what contaminated fuel means? Fuel contaminants can

LSI Chemical Fuel Additives for Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels

The new additives can be used for downstream fuel production to restore power and fuel economy while providing long-term protection against corrosion and waxy polymeric deposits.

Ambient Temperatures and Diesel Engines

You’ve probably seen or maybe you’ve even been a diesel truck stuck on the side of the road in the winter. What happened? They took a load of fuel that wasn’t ready for that day’s ambient temperature. Because diesel fuel can gel/freeze due to large temperature swings, we discuss reasons why diesel owners should be

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Fuel Additive

Diesel owners are turning to Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme to restore a truck’s original power. With one dose, Diesel Extreme cleans out fuel tanks, lines and injectors, removes moisture, boosts cetane, lubricates the fuel pump and injectors, neutralizes acid and restores fuel economy and power back to the vehicle’s original performance.