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Driven Supercharger Oil

The low-viscosity formulation is designed to reduce drag, unlock horsepower and provide wear protection at high rpm.

Driven UTV-ATV Oil

Driven’s UTV-ATV engine oils are best suited for competitive powersports engines.

Driven Supercharger Oil

The low-viscosity formulation is designed to reduce drag, unlock horsepower and provide wear protection.

Driven Racing Oil Supercharger Oil Kits

Specially formulated for high-speed applications, the new Supercharger Oil provides outstanding wear protection and reduces wear on internal bearings and gears, especially at high RPM.

Driven Racing Oil
Driven Racing Oil Debuts Expanded GP-1 Line

Driven GP-1 Conventional oils are formulated with premium Pennsylvania Grade base oil which features a high-pressure viscosity coefficient and superior lubrication properties.

Driven Racing GP-1
Driven Racing Oil Partners with Boostane

Driven Racing Oil, which traces its roots to blown NASCAR engines, and Boostane, which was spawned from a college term paper, will pool engineering and marketing resources to help each other expand into additional territories like grassroots racing, diesel and powersports. The companies confirmed the collaborative partnership, but stressed that a merger or acquisition is

Driven Racing Oil Welcomes Kyle Fickler to its Team

Driven Racing Oil has announced Kyle Fickler as its director of sales and new business development. Fickler will oversee sales, new business development, customer relations and training. Scooter Brothers stated, “We are honored that Kyle has chosen to join Driven Racing Oil. After years of working with Kyle on various industry projects, we are certain

Driven Racing Oil DR40 15W-40 Semi-Synthetic Turbo Diesel Motor Oil

The latest offering from Driven Racing Oil combines conventional 15W-40 viscosity with advanced synthetic mPAO technology to provide enhanced wear protection and shear stability for high-performance turbocharged diesel engines.

Driven Racing Oil BR20 Break-In Oil

Formulated for engines requiring low viscosity oils, Driven Racing Oil BR20 Conventional 5W-20 Break-In Oil offers unmatched protection for internal components. BR20 promotes proper surface mating during the critical break-in process and chemically assists with piston ring sealing.

Solving High Oil Temperatures, Oil Starvation and Oil Foaming

Charles Navarro of LN Engineering manufactures engine components for Porsche. He has worked alongside Driven Racing Oil to create products that fix certain engine issues.

The 2013 Performance Engine Builder of the Year Contest Reaches ‘Sweet Sixteen’

The staff of Engine Builder magazine has announced the Top 16 Semi-Finalists in the 2nd Annual Performance Engine Builder of the Year program, sponsored by Driven Racing Oil. The award is presented to the performance shop that best exhibits the qualities of creativity and innovation, training and education, merchandising and promotion, professional standards and conduct,

Ultra-High Viscosity Oil Explained

Oil needs an ultra-high viscosity index to account for extreme temperatures. The oil must be able to flow when temperatures are cool, and protect in extreme heat. Higher viscosity oils maintain their thickness to better keep metal components separated in the engine under high load at high temperatures. Watch as Lake Speed, Jr., Certified Lubrication