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ProCharged 5.000” Bore Space Billet Big Block Chevy Engine

One of the first 5.000″ bore space big block Chevy engines that Visner Engine Development has come out with in this new design, this billet engine was built by Nick Bacalis of Bullet Racing Engines for a 1971 C10 belonging to Michael Rieck. Check out what 4,000-plus horsepower looks like!

billet big block Chevy engine
Aviaid Dry Sump Oil Systems

The company offers two basic pump designs (Series 1 and Series 2), and can customize them for the application.

Aviaid dry sump oiling systems
Aviaid Dry Sump System for Late Viper V10 Engines

The specially engineered pan is fabricated from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and features a .250” thick rail, .125” body and a .500” plate to mount the pump.

Aviaid dry sump system
Stef’s Performance Ford 351 Dry Sump Oil Pan

This pan has billet end seals and 3/8″ billet rails and is 7″ deep in front and 8″ deep in rear.

Stef’s Performance Products’ 3-Gallon Dry Sump Tank

Stef’s Performance Products’ 3-gallon, truck pull, aluminum, dry sump tank features a 9″ diameter, 19″ overall height, and a two-piece design.

Precision Racing Components’ 5 Stage Sprint Car Oil Pump

The pump features a unique pressure gear design along with true helical scavenge rotors giving PRC’s oil pumps a competitive advantage.

Peterson R4 Dry Sump Oil Pump

Pumps can be outfitted with numerous options and are suited to a variety of engine applications.

Aviaid Dry Sump Packages for Chevy LT

Aviaid has developed block-hugging packages for both left and right-hand pump installations.

Dry Sump
Imports and Dry Sump Oil Systems

As import cars’ performance on and off the track continued to grow, their factory wet sump systems simply couldn’t handle the performance and the development of dry sump systems for the popular imports was in high demand. But why a dry sump?

Dry Sump Oil
Aviaid on Configuring a Dry Sump Oil System

Dry sump oil systems provide many important benefits, such as the elimination of power-robbing windage, no loss of oil pressure from hard acceleration, braking or cornering, and reduced engine wear thanks to an ongoing supply of cool, clean lubricant.

Dry Sump
Moroso Three Stage, Reverse Rotation Tri-Lobe Dry Sump Pump with a V-Band Mounting Flange for Noonan Hex Front Drive

Moroso introduces Part # 22333, a three stage, reverse rotation Tri-Lobe dry sump pump with a v-band mounting flange for a Noonan hex front drive. This pump is light weight, efficient and features an external bypass for ease of adjustment. It has a spur gear 1.800 pressure section and variable spring rates optimize your oil

Moroso Sump Pump
Moroso SBC 3 P/U Aluminum Dry Sump Lefthander and Port City Asphalt Late Model Oil Pan

Moroso has introduced Part #21545, Chevrolet Small Block, 3 P/U, Aluminum, 4.25″ Deep, Dry Sump Oil Pan. It fits Lefthander and Port City Asphalt Late Models but could be used in other applications. The part is fully fabricated from aluminum with billet end seals to ensure a consistent sealing surface. t fits 4 bolt main

Moroso Dry Sump