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DynoMax Adds High-Strength Torca Couplers to Performance Exhaust Product Line

DynoMax Performance Exhaust will release several new high-strength Torca coupler clamps on Jan. 1 that remove the need for pipe flares, slip joints or slotting, providing custom exhaust builders a serviceable joint and increased durability at the connection point of exhaust pipes. The new DynoMax coupler clamps are available in a variety of sizes.

DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab App

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced the launch of its new “Mobile Sound Lab” app, designed to help consumers shopping for a performance muffler to experience each muffler’s unique sound. Available in the iTunes App Store, the DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab iPad app allows the user to compare the sound tones and differences between each of the DynoMax mufflers, including the drone-free DynoMax