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Electronic Fuel Injection for the Masses

There’s no way to sugar coat it. Unless you’ve got a rock-solid niche business in building vintage engines, chances are you’ll need to become an expert with EFI products and how to tune engines with these systems.

FAST 2020 EFI Training Courses

2 Classes! May 8th & October 16th The perfect course for those considering a switch from carburetors to EFI. Curriculum includes basic terminology, component overview and installation fundamentals for both EZ-EFI and XFI. The class features a live demonstration of an XFI Sportsman system where students get the opportunity to see a system from the first

Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft for EFI Systems

Edelbrock now offers a new Performer-Plus camshaft for use with throttle-body style Electronic Fuel Injection systems on a small-block Chevrolet. Edelbrock Performer-Plus camshafts feature profiles that deliver a major improvement in throttle response and torque from off-idle to 5,500 rpm.

Edelbrock E-Street Electronic Fuel Injection System

The E-Street EFI System is intended as an affordable, easy to use, fuel injection solution that can be installed on any V8 engine, originally equipped with a carburetor. The Edelbrock E-Street EFI System includes a pre-assembled throttle body, engine control unit (ECU), 7″ touch screen tablet PC, high quality wiring harness, wide band O2 sensor and instructions for a hassle free installation.

Installing EFI System into a Lucas Oil Modified

Dave Arce has successfully installed the FIRA FAST EFI system onto his Lucas Oil Modified. The system is to be tested at the first two races and then implemented into the series.