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Why Your EGR Cooler Will Fail

In this episode of AMSOIL Garage we discuss the EGR Cooler, an emissions device that reroutes exhaust gases back through the engine to be burned a second time. This device sounds like a good idea, but it can cause issues for your engine, and due to the environment the EGR Cooler is placed within, the

Bullet Proof Diesel’s Cummins EGR Cooler

Immediately available, the EGR cooler has been engineered for the Cummins ISX applications.

Bullet Proof Diesel Duramax EGR Coolers

Taking EGR cooler technology a step further, Bullet Proof Diesel has engineered a patented, self-accommodating ‘H-Core’ design that allows for the natural expansion and contraction of cooling tubes inside the EGR cooler.

Dorman Releases EGR Cooler Kit for 2004-’10 Ford 6.0L Diesel Engines

The updated cooler prevents coolant from leaking into the exhaust manifold and may protect the engine from extensive damage. Company: Dorman Products Dorman Products has released an updated EGR Cooler Kit for 2004-’10 Ford 6.0L diesel engines. The part is re-engineered with a straight tube core design focused on eliminating original failure modes. The EGR cooler