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SCCA Forms EV Advisory Committee

The SCCA has formed the Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) to create unified procedures across SCCA programs for Electrified Vehicles (EV). The nine-person committee is being led by SCCA Area 4 Director Dayle Frame—EV owner and Solo competitor—and made up of representatives from Road Racing, Track/Time Trials, Rally/Solo, and industry experts. The first tasks the

BMW’s Mini Brand to be All Electric by 2030

Mini will become an all-electric vehicle brand by 2030, according to an announcement by BMW Group. Seen by BMW as the ideal brand for electric mobility, Mini will introduce its final combustion-engined model in 2025. The auto maker hopes that fully electric vehicles will account for at least 50% of all Mini deliveries by 2027. In addition

Challenges Still Remain for Electric Vehicles

The writing is on the wall that electric-powered vehicles will take over gas-powered ones. However, is the technology and infrastructure truly ready?

GM Says it Plans to Eliminate Gas & Diesel Cars/SUVs by 2035

According to a report by The Washington Post, General Motors announced it will end the sale of all gasoline and diesel passenger cars and SUVs by 2035. The announcement marks a major turning point for GM with a future focused on new electric vehicles. GM chief executive Mary Barra said the company will eliminate all

’77 K5 Blazer-E Features Chevrolet Performance eCrate Package

At SEMA360, Chevrolet showcased a ’77 K5 Blazer converted to all-electric propulsion. The K5 Blazer-E is a functional proof of concept of the upcoming Electric Connect and Cruise package Chevrolet Performance plans to sell in the second half of 2021. During the virtual event, Chevrolet Performance is surveying SEMA members interested in building their own electric

EV Conversions for Classic Cars

Electric cars have been around for more than 100 years, but the internal combustion engine won the race for mass consumption. However, electric vehicles are coming back into fashion.

Report: Electrified Vehicles to Take Half of Global Auto Market by 2030

The tipping point for electrified vehicles is in sight, and a combination of hybrid and fully electric powertrains is expected to cut the global market share of pure internal combustion engines (ICEs) by about 50% by 2030. Internal combustion will continue to play a major role.

Delphi Launches Heavy-Duty Repair Program

Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS) announced the launch of its global Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) and Smart Injector repair program for high performance, heavy-duty (HD) applications. The product launch provides Delphi’s authorized repair network the potential service opportunity of almost two million EUP and Smart injector units. Delphi’s EUP uses proven valve technology from