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ACL Distribution, Inc. Expands Distribution with Titan Motorsports

ACL Distribution, Inc. has joined forces with Titan Motorsports as a stocking distribution center in the Southeast. The addition of this warehouse co-located in Orlando, FL will help ACL better facilitate its customers in South and East Coast regions decreasing shipment transit times. ACL is a provider of the following product lines: OEM Bimetal (Aluminum

PERA to Host Webinar on Race Engine Bearing Lubrication, Clearances and Tolerances

Ron Sledge of King Engine Bearings will help you discover the principles of proper bearing lubrication and bearing clearances working hand in hand to provide the most trouble free operation for your racing application.

High Performance Engine Bearings

Building a high performance engine is always an adventure. You never know how much horsepower and torque an engine will make until it’s on the dyno. And you never know how well the engine will hold up until it is put to the test on the strip, race track, street or water. The bearings that

Engine Bearing Technology – The Spin on Spun Bearings

One of the worst failures that can occur inside an engine is a spun bearing. It can happen in a stock engine, race engine, gasoline engine or diesel engine. A spun bearing is bad news because it usually seizes itself around the crankshaft journal. What happens next depends on the bearing’s location.

FP Diesel Engine Bearings Have Exclusive New ‘Intelligent’ Material

FP Diesel connecting rod bearings for many hardworking Caterpillar 3500 engines now feature an exclusive “intelligent” overplate material that helps eliminate common cavitation erosion and adhesion issues associated with conventional tri-metal aluminum alloys.

Engine Bearings – Main and Rod

The bearings that support the crankshaft play a critical role in handling the power the engine produces as well as engine durability. Because of this, bearing selection, fit and installation can make or break your engine build.

Engine Bearings Under Pressure

Today’s hi-flow, aftermarket, CNC-ported cylinder heads, high lift killer cams and induction system power adders (blowers, turbos and nitrous) are making more power than ever before, and really hammering the bottom end of the engine. If the bearings can’t take it, the engine won’t last.

Honda K-Series Engine Bearing Identification, Installation

Honda uses a specific bearing selection process for both rod and main bearings. It includes using a chart along with the identified parts included in the engine being rebuilt. Connecting rod bearing selection uses 4 possible rod journal codes to match with 4 big end bore codes that are color coded based upon size. A