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Summit Racing SPC Engine Block

These are brand new, heavy-duty castings that can handle up to 700 horsepower.

small block chevy engine block from Summit
Reviewing World Products’ Man O’War Small Block Ford Iron Block

For our recent twin-supercharged small block Ford build, we decided on a World Products’ Man O’War iron block as our base. This block comes loaded with excellent features and elements perfect for making a durable, high-horsepower engine. Check out the review for more features and benefits.

The Story of Callies Performance Products

We recently got access to go inside Callies Performance Products‘ Fostoria, OH facility and speak with owner Rick Norton and his son Heath Norton, up close and personal. What we got was the story of how Callies came to be a leading manufacturer of engine components, and where the company is going next.

Comec RP1400CNC Resurfacer

The Comec RP1400CNC is specially designed for the resurfacing of car and truck engine blocks and cylinder heads.

LS Blocks, Main Caps & Bearings

Every build will have variances, which equate to a slightly different answer to the question of “what is the proper way to build a motor or set up the mains.” Each builder with experience should find their own formula for success.

The Importance of Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing the decks on blocks and heads is vital to getting high performance out of your engine.

The Building Blocks of Diesel Engines

With diesel cylinder blocks, unlike gasoline blocks that may only deal with 25-35 pounds of pressure, diesel can be as much as 250 psi. The block is crucial to keeping everything together.

Callies and Energy Manufacturing Bring Back Mopar Gen II Hemi/Wedge Cast Iron Engine Blocks

A new deal with FCA Group puts the 426 Hemi and the 440 Wedge back on the track in a big way.

Edelbrock Engine Blocks

Edelbrock engine blocks are the perfect starting point for any high-performance small or big-block Chevy engine where quality, durability and high-horsepower potential are mandatory.

Engine Block Selection: The Foundation

A search through internet forums on the topic of seasoned blocks might shock you about how much debate there is over whether it is better to use a new block or an old one that has been left out in the cold for months to allow the cast iron to age and relax. Ford supposedly had

Edelbrock Engine Blocks for Chevy Applications

Edelbrock has announced its new ‘Made in America’ engine blocks for Chevy applications. These engine blocks are started with high-quality iron cast in America and made to last.

High-Tech Tightening – Fasteners take their rightful place of importance

When you build your engines, you put measured thought into every component you use. From the intake system to the exhaust manifold, everything has its place and nothing is installed without careful consideration. But what about the fasteners? Some of the most critical components are held together with relatively low-cost fasteners including screws, nuts and