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Adam Koester Builds Championship NTPA Tractor Pulling Engines

When he first rises to shake your hand, you’re struck by the fact that Adam Koester has a bit of swagger and an air of self-confidence about him. And why wouldn’t he? In the tractor pulling world he’s kind of a big deal. He could be considered part of royalty, with a beautiful wife and

Don’s Auto Named Vintage Engine Builder of the Year

Does it make good business sense to leave a lucrative career as an expert craftsman to take over an aging business serving cars and trucks built long before fuel injection was invented? If you’re Tony Pontillo, owner of Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop, it’s not only logical, it provides a great opportunity to give

Borowski Wins Race Engine Builder of the Year

How Ken and Joe McCaul Reinvigorated Rockdale, IL’s Borowski Race Engines When opportunity knocks, you answer the door. At least if you’re Ken and Joe McCaul you do, and you’re glad that you did. Joe and Ken are a father and son team who purchased Borowski Race Engines in Rockdale, IL, a suburb of Joliet,

Petty’s Garage Brings Classic Camaro Back to Life

Petty’s Garage Breathes New Life Back Into a Classic Camaro Typically, a 50th birthday party is an occasion to remind the celebrant that his better days are behind him, he’ll never catch up to the younger crowd, that he is, in fact, now over the hill. Luckily for one 50 year old, the attention is

Building Winning Engines for Street Outlaw Racers

Graham Jones Has FastTimes Motorworks in the Street Outlaws Spotlight It’s not often that engine builders get to shine in the spotlight of national or worldwide fame. That honor is typically (and maybe rightfully) bestowed upon the racecar drivers, as they are the ones who do what it takes out on the track to get

Sunnen’s 30th Engine Charity Sweepstakes Prize to be Sonny Leonard-Built 727 cid Hemi

Sonny Leonard and the team from Sonny’s World Class Racing, Lynchburg, VA, have volunteered to build a high performance engine for the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes at PRI. This will be the 30th anniversary of the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes.

Third-World Problems, First-World Production

Ask the typical reader of Engine Builder what his biggest business challenge is and you might hear complaints such as bargain basement internet parts sales, competition from OEMs and an inability to find enthusiastic employees. Ask Andrew Yorke about his headaches and things sound a bit different. “Things that all my fellow engineers take for

Success On – and Off – the Track for Dayton, Ohio Engine Builder Bobby Jacks

It isn’t often that successful performance on the track and effective engine building skills come from the same individual. But for Ohio resident and Daytonian Bobby Jacks who, after many decades of experience, has proven that one can have considerable talent in both.

Spring Has Sprung – Will Landscape Engines Grow Your Business?

Have you noticed your allergies are acting up? Are the birds chirping a bit louder? Is it getting warmer and greener? Good, it’s not just me. Spring has sprung in the Northern hemisphere and that means people are going to be getting out their lawn and landscape tools.

Dayton, OH is a Hot Bed of Hot Shot Engine Builders

What do you almost immediately think of when the town of Dayton, OH is mentioned? Hey, that’s easy! It would have to be aviation and the home of the Wright Brothers Lifting that spindly flying machine into the air WAS certainly an accomplishment of huge proportions.

In the Agricultural Market, Engine Building is a Growing Business

Unlike other markets in this industry, agricultural engine work doesn’t rest. Customers getting engine work done can’t afford to be down for long. In this market, time truly is money. We spoke with Jay Foley, owner of Foley Engines, in Worchester, MA, about the benefits of the agricultural engine market.

Ray Field and Dougans Racing Engines are the 2015 Performance Engine Builder of the Year

The folks at Dougans Racing Engines won a lot in 2015. Between the Best in The Desert series and the SCORE Racing series, both of which are trophy truck racing, Dougans won three races in each series and had podium finishes at every single race. “It was a banner year,” says Ray Field, owner of