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Changing the Narrative Surrounding the Automotive Industry

Every now and then, one of my local radio stations in the Cleveland area invites people to call in who recently got ghosted after a first date. For those who need the definition of ghosting, it’s when someone cuts off all communication without explanation. The radio station tricks the ghostee into telling their side of

How and Why Engine Builders Buy Engine Brands

The parts you put into your engines and keep on your shelves for resale are far more than just generic automotive components. You need them to be what you need, where you need, when you need. They’re not just plastic and metal inanimate objects – they’re your reputation. Maintaining that reputation for excellence means you

Dayton, OH is a Hot Bed of Hot Shot Engine Builders

What do you almost immediately think of when the town of Dayton, OH is mentioned? Hey, that’s easy! It would have to be aviation and the home of the Wright Brothers Lifting that spindly flying machine into the air WAS certainly an accomplishment of huge proportions.

Losing a National Treasure – True Craftsmanship

No, this isn’t an adventure story about great works of art or even our national monuments – it’s even more dramatic. I’m referring to the GREAT ones: the machinists we all know who have been around far longer than these fancy new CNC machines. I’m talking about the true craftsmen that built this industry long before many of you were born.

King Engine Bearings to Host PRI Seminar

King Engine Bearings is sponsoring a unique technical seminar at the 2014 PRI Trade Show, featuring expert engine builders Jay Dickens and Magnus Ohlaker. This free event will take place Friday, December 12 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm in Rooms 231-232 at the Indiana Convention Center. In addition, any attendees who stop by the King Engine Bearings booth #601 will have the chance to perform the pMax Black overlay scratch test with the opportunity to instantly win a prize, including a Profilometer worth over $2,500.

December Issue Shop Solutions for Engine Builders

Piston Ring Gapping Tip Some of you may know this ring end gapping tip, but I have never seen it anywhere. Not even in ring package instructions. This has to do with checking the flimsy oil rail gaps. Most conventional size bores are not much of a problem. The rails on those sizes usually have a lot