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Tick Performance is Under New Ownership

Tick Performance, a performance parts manufacturer, has new ownership. New owners Joey Anderson and Matt Goins plan to continue manufacturing premium, American-made components at Tick’s North Carolina headquarters, picking up right where founder and former owner, Johnny Atkins, left off. In 2004, Johnny Atkins founded Tick Performance with his son and most recent owner, Jonathan

Facts About Engine Bearings

The experts all agree that cleanliness is the most important factor during installation, and the lack thereof is the most common problem that leads to bearing failure. But measuring is just as critical.

Engine Ice’s Ice Water Racing Coolant

It protects all engine parts, including cast iron, brass, steel, and rubber.

Adding Power With LS Components

Lucky for engine builders and those looking to get engines built, the aftermarket is loaded with options for LS engines due to the platform’s popularity.

Military-Spec Coatings

How thermal coatings can benefit multiple engine areas M ilitary coatings are exponentially better than commercial coatings. At my shop, Hekimian Racing Engines in Watertown, MA, we use what are known as Mil-Coats, proprietary coating combinations for engine components. These are not available through your commercial channels. Hekimian Racing Engines’ coatings are proprietary, and Mil-Coat

Understanding Engine Treatments – What components can benefit from coatings? You may be surprised at the treatments available.

If you were to place technological advances on a scale, I would say that engine coatings would probably rank near the top. Engine coatings have a lot of merit, but unfortunately are often overlooked. Engine coatings have a reputation that they are only beneficial for racing applications. Yes, coatings are regularly applied and highly appreciated

Engine Pro Honors Top Suppliers

Engine Parts Group, Inc. (Engine Pro) honored six top suppliers at its recent winter shareholders meeting. Companies recognized as Featured Suppliers were B & P Rods, Durabond Bearing Co., Ferrea Racing Components, Hastings Manufacturing Co., Melling Engine Parts and SA Gear Co. Shareholders select the Featured Suppliers from more than 90 companies providing engine parts