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Maintaining Your Coolant System

The cooling system on your vehicle is one of the more common failure mechanisms, because, frankly, nobody maintains it. People have been trained by OEMs to change their oil and filter after X number of miles, but that isn’t the case when it comes to maintaining things such as the transmission, the differential, the transfer

Engine Thermal Management

As automotive manufacturers look for every way to improve engine performance and reduce emissions, they are taking a closer look at how the cooling system can manage temperature while using less engine power.

Keeping an Eye on Cooling Systems

We all know the internal combustion engine (ICE) is going through a metamorphosis these days as the OEMs carefully scrutinize and squeeze every component for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Electric Fans for Engine Cooling

Electric cooling fans can deliver a number of important benefits to a wide range of vehicles and driving situations. Optimizing the air movement across the fins of the radiator is essential to prevent overheating, a task that electric fans can often handle better than engine-driven fans.