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Engine Pro Shop Solutions – April 2018

A BIT OF KNOWLEDGE Three tips to make your drill bits last longer. 1. Choose the right bit. A black oxide-coated bit helps reduce friction and increase chip flow, but shouldn’t be used on nonferrous materials. TiN is a titanium nitride with a gold color that can run faster than uncoated bits and increase tool

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – March 2018

I use an 1/8-inch allen wrench to insert and extract the pilot while doing valve jobs on cylinder heads. I would frequently misplace this little tool between seats, so I started using a rubber band to keep it attached to the palm of my hand.

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – February 2018

ROD TO CAM CLEARANCE GAUGE Using a plastic banding strap as a feeler gauge works great to check for clearance. The straps are generally .035˝-.045˝ thick, so you might want to double them up to check for the minimal .050˝-.060˝ clearance recommended. These work great as they easily bend to any curvature you need. If

Industry Mourns Passing of Engine Parts Group’s Don Weber

Donald E. Weber, President of Engine Parts Group, Inc., passed away Sunday, March 4, 2018. A very well respected aftermarket industry executive and capable leader, Don was born in southern California, growing up in Hollywood, CA. He graduated from Hollywood High School and went on to graduate from the University of Southern California (USC), with a

Shop Solutions June 2017

To check lifter bores for finish, burrs or obstruction, I made tools by removing the plunger and internal parts from some lifters. You can stick the lifter on the end of your finger then slide it, with twisting motion, in and out of the lifter bore.

Engine Pro Diesel Performance Engine Parts

Engine Pro has introduced its first line of diesel performance engine parts with the introduction of its camshafts and valves for Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins Engines.

Shop Solutions January 2017

You want to seal that flange with an OE MLS gasket? Good luck! The same conditions now exist in exhaust flange technology as when the first MLS head gaskets were being replaced under repair conditions.

Engine Pro Gives Away its 10th Performance Race Engine

A Portage, MI race car driver has won the 10th performance engine to be given away by Engine Pro and its partners at US 131 Motorsports Park. The $17,000 fully- assembled, race-ready engine was awarded to the winner of a special race between the eight most successful Top ET and Modified drivers in the track’s points series.

Engine Pro 4130 Premium One-Piece Pushrods

In the second of a four-part series on pushrods just released, Engine Pro’s Dave Sutton describes the company’s 4130 premium one-piece pushrod.

Engine Pro Pushrod Performance

Engine Pro has developed a series of short videos to demonstrate the unique characteristics and value of its performance pushrods. The first video in the series discusses Engine Pro’s 1010 pushrod, which represents a big advancement in value priced performance pushrods for street and mild race applications

Shop Solutions March 2016

When vacuum checking 4-valve-per-cylinder heads, it’s hard to tell if it’s both or just one valve that’s leaking. Use your vacuum tester and one of those long inexpensive BBQ or candlestick lighters. Hold the lighter close to the valves and the leaking vacuum will pull the flame in, making it easy to tell which one is leaking.

Shop Solutions January 2016

Sometimes the front of Oldsmobile blocks get warn and chewed up by the camshaft flange. This is often caused by additional load from a high pressure or high volume oil pump, which makes the distributor work harder and pulls the cam back towards the block.