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Ocean to Ocean World Record Set by Vintage Adventurer in 83 Year-Old Ford

The non-stop drive was completed in 50 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds, beating his goal by almost 10 hours. Australian motoring enthusiast Rod Wade, aka the Vintage Adventurer, has set a new world record in the Ocean to Ocean Driving Challenge with Evans Waterless Coolant running through the engine of his 1930 Model A

King Engine Bearings to Sponsor Technical Racing Forum At PRI Show

Get your questions answered and hear the latest trends in engine building. King Engine Bearings is sponsoring a unique technical forum at the 2013 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show that features a rare gathering of five leading championship race engine builders. This free event will take place at 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 13

Shop Solutions: October 2013 Issue

Balloons Belong at Birthday Parties Not in Transmissions I rebuilt a 454 GM engine that went into a motorhome application. It ran well, and no problems immediately appeared. But later on, it was towed in with a main bearing failure in the thrust area. I gave the customer another engine, and a month later it

Maintaining Your Balance: Engine Building Tips to Reduce NVH and Increase Life

A high revving racing engine obviously needs a good balance to minimize these destructive forces, but balancing can be just as beneficial to low revving engines, too. Nobody would argue with the fact that engine balancing is right up there with “blueprinting” an engine. The goal is to equalize the reciprocating and rotating forces inside

The SKYs the Limit: Looking into Mazda’s SKYACTIV Engine Technology

Mazda’s ultra high-compression, direct injection gasoline engines are achieving fuel economy numbers that rival many hybrids. Mazda isn’t one of the high-volume automakers. With only 1.9% of the automotive market, they are smaller than Subaru, BMW and Mercedes-Benz (each of which has about a 2% market share). But lately, Mazda has been making big waves

Engine Longevity: Jaguar’s XK Inline Six-Cylinder

The Jaguar XK inline six-cylinder engine had one of the longest ­production runs of any engine. Years Produced: 1949-1992 Displacement: 2.5-4.2 Liters Visually, the most recognizable aspects of the XK engine are the dual cam covers atop the engine. The cylinder head’s design was dictated by the desire to make room for two generously sized

Tips for Ford Power Stroke Service and Rebuilds

Bob McDonald, who contributes diesel stock and performance articles for Engine Builder magazine, including the column “Diesel Dialog,” has authored the book “How to Rebuild Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines 1994-2007.” The book covers the vast majority of Power Stroke diesel engines on the road, and gives you the full story on their design. A

Is Your Shop Ready to Handle More Diesels?

A new study of fuels and vehicles of the future predicts that diesel and gasoline will remain the predominant transportation fuels, and diesel cars could gain significant market share in the next 10 years. The growth of vehicles running on alternative fuels such as E85 and electricity will accelerate over the next decade, but diesel

Race Engineering Releases Cam Followers for OHC Ford Pinto engines

2300 FORD CAM FOLLOWERS: Race Engineering now offers their Ultra-Follower for 2300 SOHC motors (SKU FD-148).  A proprietary combination of several super slick aerospace coatings prevents galling common to stock type followers.  The added benefit of a dramatic reduction in power-robbing friction becomes evident even during cam setup.  This results in a freer turning valve

Dodge and Mopar Join Forces with New Scat Package Performance Kits

Good things are coming in many packages for Dodge owners who love performance and delving into Dodge’s rich history. In honor of the 45th anniversary of the legendary “Scat Pack Club” that played a prominent role in Dodge heritage, Dodge and Mopar announced the introduction of new Scat Package performance stage kits for the 2014

ATI Super Damper for 2014 Corvette Stingray 6.2L Engine

ATI Performance Products, Inc. introduces its all new Super Damper (Part # 917314) for the 2014+ Corvette Stingray 6.2L, LT1 wet sump engine for street and high performance racing applications. The new aluminum-shell, steel-hub damper is a direct fit replacement for the stock OEM unit and is better capable of handling a wider variety of

Book Report: Classic Japanese Performance Cars: The History & Legacy

One of the hottest new trends on the street is to own and drive a vintage Japanese performance car. Whether it’s a Datsun 510 or 240Z, an early ’70s Mazda RX2, or an early Toyota Celica, these cars are gaining attention from enthusiasts and collectors alike! Some of the first cars to be imported from