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Keeping Your Balance With 3.7L?Chryslers

Even though flywheel and clutch assemblies are balanced individually within allowable limits, the mating of each part with the crankshaft axis is essential so that they “run true.” Ideally, the balancing of both the crankshaft and flywheel assembly as one unit would be the way to go – since that’s not likely, holding the closest

Tight Engine Timing Belts Can Cause Havoc

If one day it sounded like a cat was being tortured under the hood, yougot out your trusty wrenches, loosened the generator mounting bolts,and tore up your knuckles as you used a pry bar, pipe or 2×4 to pryaway until it stoped making noise. You then tightened the bolts againand went on your merry way.

Breakdowns, Flashpoints And Other Reasons To Change Oil

First off, all oil breaks down. That generally will include basestocks and additives. Without focusing on performance characteristics, the most significant difference from one oil to another is how quickly breakdown occurs. Although there are many factors that contribute to the breakdown of an oil, heat is one of the most important. Depletion and decreased

Variable Valve Timing Can Help Save V8s, Environment

Not that I don’t supportthe environment and being responsible in our efforts to save the planet– I do. But the passion for the thunder of a throbbing,pavement-pounding V8 is, well, similar to that of the how your heartskips a beat when you think of your first love. What if you could stillhave the power, have

Common Coolant Concerns – Know What You Know And Question the Rest

My column on issues surrounding the PCV system may have bordered on the mundane to some of you, but there was a method to the madness. When you stop to think about how often the PCV system is the root cause of a problem you just can’t talk about it often enough. I think of

Cooling System Confusion Can Lead to Contentious Comebacks

They may or may not have had some type of formalized education – yet, they may be well versed and very savvy but have not had the infield experience as of yet. They are not necessarily young, just new to the world of engines.  For them (and even for the veterans), let me give you

In Chrysler

The trouble with timing goes on and on. However when it comes to the right timing on engines, especially single and dual overhead camshaft engines, it is absolutely critical to be correct. There are very few OHC engines that are not interference, either, so you are very motivated to making certain that camshaft timing is

Well there is a “rat poison” for engines that is used regularly and daily in nearly any installation shop and by DIYers. SURFACE CONDITIONING DISCS, often referred to as cookies within the shop environment, were originally designed for use in the auto body shop, I believe. Here is where the problem lies when using them

Understanding The Differences, Challenges Between Crankshaft Position Sensors

I have suggested to you to watch for this and make sure that you have that, and encouraged you to be certain that it is indexed to this position and so on.  But I don’t believe that I have ever written about watching out for damaged as-cast reluctor rings, spark triggers or whatever other name

Get Your Bearings

Have you ever heard the phrase “old wives’ tales”? My father used itall the time whenever something didn’t seem to make sense to him forthe moment. For instance, most everyone knows these: “Don’t cross youreyes or they’ll stay that way” and “feed a cold, starve a fever.” Like I said, they’re “old wives’ tales.” They

EngINtel: Recycled Coolant

There isn’t one of us who has not been affected or knows someone who has been affected by the economic crisis, downturn, recession or whatever catch phrase is being used this week in an effort to try and keep us from focusing on one reality that we all are aware of – the cupboards are

EngINtel: In Lightweight Land Rockets Or Huge Ships, Bedplates Have Presence In Today

Today’s engines are smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient and have the highest output per displacement than at any other time in the history of the automotive industry. With these advantages have come designs that must be able to withstand loads and pressures that go way beyond the large displacement OHV, oil leaking, fuel guzzling street