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Point One Small Block Chevy Head Stud Kit

Point One’s E190 head studs boast an impressive 190,000 psi nominal tensile strength.

Cadillac Supercharged LS engine
Performance Torque Tool Angle Gauge

A more accurate method for tightening fasteners, especially on critical components like cylinder heads and main cap bolts.

ARP2000 Head Stud Kit for the Duramax 6.6L L5P

All ARP2000 studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, nominally rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength and are reusable as compared to the OEM Torque to Yield (TTY) head bolts.

Diesel Fasteners: Is The Competition Growing?

As many of you know, under higher combustion pressure, having your cylinder head(s) effectively clamp down the block surface is absolutely critical. Therefore, choosing a brand of head stud that you trust to get the job done is just as important.

Diesel Fasteners
Rust-Frozen Fasteners Are No Match for CRE-OIL

With more aggressive solvents, wetting agents and a specialty oil that allows it to creep deep into tight crevices, CRE-OIL breaks the bond of years of rust and corrosion between frozen nuts and bolts.

Facts About Fasteners

Though fasteners are often taken for granted, using quality, high-performance studs and bolts can provide engine builders with important insurance toward long-term reliability.

Elgin OE-Grade Fasteners for LS Engines

It is important to replace head bolts, main bearing cap bolts and other hardware after one use to prevent loss of clamp load and potential engine damage.

Stage 8 Celebrates 35 Years

Stage 8, a manufacturer of fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners, announced the celebration of its 35th anniversary. Since the company’s inception, Stage 8 has achieved over 23 million installations in the automotive and motorcycle, construction, military, aerospace and railroad industries, and it all started in a garage in 1985. It was then that company founder and owner

Fastener Fascination

According to ARP’s Chris Raschke, engine builders need to make sure to have the correct fastener for the application first. “When you get a new fastener, you need to take it out of the package, inspect the fastener, make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

We Have Lift Off – Head lift and a look beyond the gasket

In the 1980s, many racers were experimenting with turbochargers on stock engines. Colossal horsepower and torque numbers could be produced for a short period until the engine self-destructed. One of the weakest links they focused on was how to keep the head attached to the block under extreme pressures. Many engine builders experimented with copper

Proper Procedures to Maximize Fastener Life

We know that fasteners hold an engine together. And that fasteners play a critical role in an engine’s reliability – especially when engines are pushed to higher performance levels. How then do we get the most out of them?

ARP Fan Spacer Stud Kits

ARP has developed an elegant, reliable solution for installing fan spacers that are employed to facilitate the removal of clutch fans or simply position a “direct drive” fan closer to the radiator for optimum cooling.