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Aeromotive Drop-In Phantom Brushless Fuel Pumps for Late-Model GM 1500 Pickups

The new in-tank fuel pumps are easy to install and are available in 3.5 gallon-per-minute and 5.0 gallon-per-minute configurations to support up to 3,400 horsepower.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump
Aeromotive Drop-in Fuel Pump Modules for 2015+ Charger and Challenger Hellcat

These fuel pumps are available in either dual or triple pumps and can support gasoline applications up to 2,150 horsepower.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump
Carter Expands Line of Fuel Pump Assemblies

Carter’s new line of Fuel Pump Assemblies meet the demanding requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines across many vehicle makes and models.

Carter Fuel Pump Module
Moroso External, Single Stage, Reverse Rotation, Oil Pump with a Fuel Pump Drive

Moroso has introduced Part # 22322, an external, single stage, reverse rotation, oil pump with a fuel pump drive. The Reverse Rotatio pump is mounted towards the front of the car and has a driver’s/left side door car style mounting bracket. This pump is light weight and efficient, runs cooler than internal pumps and features

Moroso Pump
Aeromotive Releases New Phantom Drop-In Fuel Pump Modules for the 2015-20 Ford F-150

Compatible with both gasoline and E85 ethanol fuels, these pump modules are available with either dual or triple 450 liter-per-hour fuel pumps.

Fuel Pump
Moroso Tri-Lobe Six Stage Dry Sump Pump

Moroso introduces Part No. 22368, a Tri-Lobe Six Stage Dry Sump Pump with a Brinn/Bert Bellhousing Bracket and a 3/8″ hex fuel pump drive with 1:1 ratio that accepts the popular 1.450 ID, 3 bolt, fuel pump swivel clamps. The Tri-lobe 1.700 Scavenge sections featuring individual timing gears to ensure proper clearance at the highest

Moroso Dry Sump Pump
Holley 350 LPH Fuel Pump Modules

With Holley 350 LPH Fuel Pump Modules, you can retain your factory fuel line while still upgrading your system.

Holley LPH Fuel Module
Holley Sniper EFI Muscle Car EFI 350 LPH Fuel Pump Kit

The 350 LPH Replacement pump for Muscle Car Modules is a great upgrade if you need to add more horsepower to an engine. The kit includes a high-pressure pump that flows 350 liters per hour (LPH) and is capable of supporting electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines producing up to 750 horsepower. The kit includes a

Aeromotive Fuel Tank and Drop-In Fuel Pump Module for GM Trucks

The direct fit systems are designed to deliver the proper amount of fuel for high-performance street, off-road and racing applications.

Moroso Dry Sump Pump, Five-Stage Fuel Pump Drive

The pump weighs almost half of gerotor pumps and takes up to 40% less power to drive.

Aeromotive True Variable Speed Fuel Pump Controller

The state-of-the-art speed controller is designed to improve overall fuel system efficiency, reduce fuel temperatures and is compatible with Aeromotive’s line of brushless gear pumps.

Edelbrock Fuel Pumps and Regulators

Edelbrock Fuel Pressure Regulators are machined from aircraft quality aluminum. These Edelbrock carbureted fuel pressure regulators have an internal diaphragm made of fluorosilicone to ensure high temperature protection resulting in an extended life.