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Holley Dual Fuel Pump Modules for 2010-’15 Camaros

Holley’s fuel pump module design starts with a billet pump flange assembly and connects to it either 340 LPH or 450 LPH fuel pumps for maximum fuel delivery.

H/E Series Brushless Twin Screw Pump

Fuelab continues to lead the way in fuel pump innovation. The H/E Series of brushless twin screw pumps is a giant leap in reliability.

Dissecting Fuel System Components

In this episode of Moore Throttle, Samantha Moore of Vector Motorsports breaks down several fuel system components to help you understand what might be best for your particular car/engine setup.

Aeromotive Drop-In Phantom Brushless Fuel Pumps for Late-Model GM 1500 Pickups

The new in-tank fuel pumps are easy to install and are available in 3.5 gallon-per-minute and 5.0 gallon-per-minute configurations to support up to 3,400 horsepower.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump
Carter Expands Line of Fuel Pump Assemblies

Carter’s new line of Fuel Pump Assemblies meet the demanding requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines across many vehicle makes and models.

Carter Fuel Pump Module
Aeromotive Phantom Drop-In Fuel Pump Modules for 2008-20 Subaru WRX and STI Models

These fuel pump modules can support naturally-aspirated gasoline applications for a variety of horsepower ranges.

Aeromotive Phantom
Moroso External, Single Stage, Reverse Rotation, Oil Pump with a Fuel Pump Drive

Moroso has introduced Part # 22322, an external, single stage, reverse rotation, oil pump with a fuel pump drive. The Reverse Rotatio pump is mounted towards the front of the car and has a driver’s/left side door car style mounting bracket. This pump is light weight and efficient, runs cooler than internal pumps and features

Moroso Pump
Aeromotive Phantom Drop-In Fuel Pump Module for Hellcat-Swapped Jeep Gladiators

This new in-tank Phantom Fuel Pump Module is optimized to provide reliable fuel delivery and can support up to 900 horsepower.

Aeromotive Drop-In Fuel Pumps for Camaro & Cadillac Models

These new in-tank fuel pump modules are easily installed and are available in dual and triple pump configurations to support up to 3,300 horsepower.

TI Automotive High-Pressure Fuel Pumps

The new GSL396 high pressure in-line fuel pump features support for up to 650 horsepower.

TI Fuel Pump
Aeromotive Low Profile In-Tank Brushless Fuel Pump

The new 90-degree option is available for every Aeromotive Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pump including the A1000, Eliminator, and Spur Gear 3.5, 5.0, 7.0 or 10.0 pumps.

Waterman Racing Components Combo Fuel Pump

With six different gear sizes available, the combo fuel pump works for all types of racing applications.