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Banks Hires Rocket Propulsion and Nuclear Power Expert to Lead Engine Program

Regarded as a true gearhead, Matthew Gamble fills the position of manager of design, assembly & test for Banks’ “High Output” DMAX-based engine programs. Gamble will oversee the design, development and launch of high-performance turn-key variants of the popular and military-proven Banks D866T engine. Engineered and developed in-house at the company’s Azusa, CA campus, these high-output

Killing a Duramax

“If I’m lucky, we’re going to blow this pup past 1,000 horsepower.”

Supercharged Twin-Turbo 427 cid 7.1L Duramax

Gale Banks and his team have been hard at work building a diesel equivalent monster truck engine that delivers horsepower and throttle response as good or better than Monster Jam’s current 540 cid big block Chevy blown alcohol engines. Find out what their supercharged twin-turbo 427 cid 7.1L Duramax is capable of.