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Ajusa Launches New Gasket Former Ajustick

Ajusa recently launched a new gasket former marketed under the Ajustick brand. It is a single-component anaerobic sealant (methacrylic anaerobic resin) of medium mechanical strength designed to seal metal components with machined surfaces.

Smooth Operator

As with everything in the engine rebuilding industry, technology has dictated how each aspect of the process has changed and how it has advanced. This also applies to something as seemingly simple as gaskets, and more specifically, Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) gaskets and block and head surface preparation.

Cometic 2001-2007 GM Duramax 6.6L Diesel V8 Gaskets

The new 2001-2007 GM 6.6L Duramax MLS head gasket utilizes a load control embossment for superior combustion chamber sealing and improved clamp load around the cylinder without increasing bore distortion.

Fel-Pro Develops 6.0L Powerstroke Head Gasket Sealing Solution

The Fel-Pro Gaskets brand has introduced two innovative Fel-Pro PermaTorque MLS multi-layer-steel head gaskets that address a common combustion sealing issue encountered in 6.0L diesel engines used in more than 700,000 trucks manufactured between 2003 and 2010. The patent-pending PermaTorque MLS head gaskets (P/N: 26374PT – 18mm dowel applications; P/N: 26375PT – 20mm dowel applications)

MSI Introduces Lineup of Magnum Performance Gasket Sets

High performance enthusiasts now have a new option for top-quality performance gaskets. MSI (Modern Silicone Technologies Inc.) has introduced a lineup of 80 new retail-packaged Magnum Performance Gasket sets. These cover the most popular Chevy, Ford and Chrysler small block and big block V8s, as well as the GM LS family of engines, which are