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Elgin Industries Receives Platinum Supplier Award from GM Customer Care and Aftersales

General Motors (GM) Customer Care and Aftersales recently presented Elgin Industries with a Platinum Award for outstanding on-time shipping performance. A leading U.S.-based manufacturer of engine and chassis components, Elgin received the honor for the second consecutive year.

GM Announces Senior Leadership Changes

General Motors Co. has announced a series of leadership changes to continue its evolution into a stronger, more customer-centric organization.

Cadillac Expands to Become Separate Business Unit

As part of the continued expansion of Cadillac, General Motors has announced a strategic realignment that will establish the flagship brand as a separate business unit. In addition, the new Cadillac organization will expand to New York with a new global headquarters opening in 2015.

GM’s New 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

General Motors has announced that its latest transmission, titled the 8L90, will be available in the 2015 Corvette Stingray and eventually availed in the Camaro and a host of Cadillac models. The new transmission is an eight speed automatic with paddle sifters, intended to rival the semi-automatic transmission technologies being employed by European manufacturers. The steering

Hedman’s Headers for 1978-1987 GM G-Bodies

GM’s G-Body platform was the foundation for many of the most memorable and legendary automobiles that hit the streets during the 1980s. The Monte Carlo, Regal, Cutlass and El Camino each had their own unique style and packed some of GM’s most potent V8 engines of the era. Thanks to the platform’s light weight and

Lunati Voodoo Crankshafts

The backbone of your engine and the foundation of your bottom end is the crankshaft. Voodoo Crankshafts from Lunati are engineered from 4340 non-twist forged steel that is known for its durability and strength in high-performance applications. All Voodoo Cranks are nitride heat treated with micro-polished journals to add even more durability. Lightening holes in the rod

Building Blocks: The Foundation of Any Engine Build

Every engine project starts with the block because the block is the foundation for everything else that follows. The block determines bore and stroke, camshaft and lifter location, oil pump location and oil galley configuration, what kind of main bearing caps can be used to support the crankshaft, and what kind of cylinder heads, oil

Venturing Into GM Duramax Diesel Service

There are five ­generations of the Duramax engine. The best way to identify the generation is by the year, model and the RPO (regular production option) code. Back in the 1990s, GM wasn’t making too many waves in the diesel truck market. The 6.2L and 6.5L engines had been around for sometime, but they were no match

Driven Racing Oil Offers Recommendation Regarding GM LS Hydraulic Roller Cam Bulletin

Due to the use of hydraulic lifters in these engines, it is critical that the oil be changed after break-in to remove the metal particulate created during the process. If these small particles are allowed to stay in the oil system for thousands of miles, serious damage will occur. As the marketplace stretches the power

A Look Into the GM 3.1L Engine

Over the years, GM has saved a bundle on manufacturing the 3.1L engine by using the production line tooling it originally developed for the 2.8L V6. By simply changing the bore diameter, the displacement of the same engine block could now be increased for more power and torque. The General Motors 3.1L V6 engine enjoyed a long

GM 2.2L Ecotec Timing Chain Service

Prior edition service manuals refer to the timing chain index links being colored “silver” and “copper.” With the implementation of the newer chain and oiler assembly, the index link colors have changed. In order to avoid confusion, the service procedure has been modified to refer to the index links as two common colored and one