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Engine Shops Are Cleaning Up

We’re engine builders and we live to get a little grease on our hands, right? While this is true, there is no harm in keeping your shop clean. In fact, there are numerous benefits to keeping your shop organized and clean. It makes a direct impact on efficiency, morale, the environment and most importantly, the customer.

Why Diesels Have Become ‘Greener’ and How You Can Benefit

For several years now, clean air and better fuel economy have been the primary focus of the transportation industry. Back in the 1970s, the clean air agenda came into full swing and it literally crippled performance as well as reliability. At that time, the diesel industry wasn’t being regulated by any of these emissions standards, but changes were on the horizon.

Green Strategies: NASCAR Races to Protect the Environment

Celebrating the sport’s commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, NASCAR kicked off its second annual NASCAR Race to Green initiative at Martinsville Speedway on March 28th. NASCAR is sports’ sustainability leader and this effort is intended to build awareness around the programs the sanctioning body, industry and a wide range of partners have in