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Flywheel Grinding & Valve Refacer Stones

A common question we get is why we offer so many different grinding stones. The simple answer is that not all grinding stones are created equal.

Goodson Expands Flywheel Grinding Stone Selection

Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders has expanded its selection of Flywheel Grinding Stones to include two small diameter CBN Flywheel Grinding Stones and two new vitrified stones.  CBN Flywheel Grinding Stones are now available in a 2˝ and 3˝ straight-sided 100 grit wheels. They are intended for use on Cast Iron for light

Innovative Products of America 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels

Innovative Products of America (IPA) has introduced 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels available in 2˝ and 3˝ diameters. These wheels are used with high-speed die grinders.

Maximize Your Grinding Efficiency

Today’s shop owner is always looking for the edge, the next big business opportunity – and you may not even realize that your flywheel grinder can be one of the most profitable machines in your business.

3M Cubitron II Vitrified Wheels

With the new addition of 3M Cubitron II Vitrified Wheels, 3M Abrasive Systems can give engine manufacturers up to three times the wheel life of other conventional wheels for applications including gear grinding, camshaft and crankshaft grinding, cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding. The key to the strength and performance of Cubitron II products is in 3M’s patented