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ARP Expands Harmonic Balancer Bolt Lineup

Factory harmonic damper bolts are an area of concern for racers and performance enthusiasts for two reasons. First is the bolt’s ability to sustain the necessary clamping force when subjected to high RPM crankshaft flexing and twisting. A second consideration is the extra abuse that comes from rotating the crank manually when adjusting valve lash,

Fluidampr GM/Chevy 6.6L L8T Crankshaft Damper

Upgrading to a Fluidampr performance damper ensures long-term durability and optimum power by controlling crankshaft torsional vibration.

Harmonic Balancers and Dampers

Although harmonic balancers are not musical instruments, they do control resonance inside the engine, which is music in some circles. There are three types of engine vibration that engine builders try to minimize. And each type of vibration has a different way of controlling it.

Join PERA for a Webinar on Harmonic Balancers

Tom Lieb of Scat Enterprises will tell you all you need to know about harmonic balancers, how OE’s develop them, the different types and their use in race engine applications.

Proform Harmonic Balancer Installation Tools

Proform has announced four new harmonic balancer installation tools for vintage applications like Ford/Pontiac/Buick, and Oldsmobile, and a foray into late-model applications for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ford.