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Happy Holidays from Engine Builder Magazine

Thanks to all of you who have read and contributed to the magazine this year. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Santa’s Sleigh vs. 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE

A new comparison chart pits the 2018 Camaro Zl1 1LE against Santa’s Sleigh, showing just how capable Santa’s Sleigh really is.

Should Your Shop Be Open Christmas Eve?

This year Christmas is on a Friday, and Christmas Eve is historically not a big sales day for most, so shop owners have the opportunity to offer their staff a 4-day Christmas weekend if they close on Christmas Eve! Who wouldn’t want that?

Tips for Planning Holiday Parties and Year-End Celebrations

‘Tis the season for holiday festivities, end of year celebrations and employee recognition, but it is also a time of year that can be a source of liability for an employer if not handled properly. Here are a few quick tips for planning the upcoming company events.

Three Hot Cars Carved Onto Three Pumpkins, All Being Given Away

Usually, the pumpkin-carving world and automotive world don’t intermix, but We R Mopar, VW Parts Vortex, and Olathe Toyota Parts Center have collaborated to make it a little easier for auto enthusiasts to celebrate Halloween. They’ve released free pumpkin carving patterns featuring the hottest vehicles from Dodge, VW, and Toyota.