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Popular Engine Swaps

Engine swaps belong in a world of their own. After a little digging, you can find multitudes of ingenious swap ideas, whether it be small block to big block, diesel to gas, or many other combinations.

Honda engines have been a popular choice for engine swap enthusiasts since the early 90s due to their power and dependability.
4P 2.1L K20C1 Type R Engine

Intrigued by Honda’s new Civic Type R, Thomas Smallwood let the car enthusiast inside him take the reins on customizing the vehicle into one of the most extreme versions there is. The build included a 1,200-horsepower capable 2.1L K20C1 engine from 4 Piston Racing. Check it out.

Moroso Honda/Acura B-Series Oil Pump

This oil pump is a high-quality replacement oil pump for OEM Honda or Acura oil pumps.

Wiseco Renews Partnership with Team Honda TRC

Wiseco Performance Products has announced it enters its fourth consecutive year supporting Team Honda HRC for the 2021 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship seasons.  Entering its 80th year of experience designing and manufacturing racing pistons, Wiseco provides Team Honda HRC with piston and engine package research

Honda Performance Development Names David Salters President

Honda Performance Development (HPD), which leads all Honda and Acura high-performance racing programs in North America, has announced David Salters as the new president. He will become the seventh president in its history and will succeed Ted Klaus, who will retire from HPD on December 1, after a 30-year career with Honda. “Ted Klaus has

Honda to Withdraw from Formula 1 After 2021 Season

The Japanese car manufacturer dropped the bombshell during a press conference at its Tokyo headquarters last Friday morning. Citing the huge costs involved in pushing its road car business towards a carbon neutral future, Honda said it had elected not to extend its stay in F1 beyond the end of next year. Honda returned to

Honda’s B Series and K20, K24 and K20C1 Engines

A few of Honda’s engines stand out when it comes to building performance vehicles – the B series engines and its K20 and K24 engines.

Buying In On Outboard Engines

From single cylinder engines to four cylinders and all the way to V6 and V8 power plants, outboards can deliver 2.5 hp to 600+ hp, and the desire for more keeps climbing.

Video: Engine of the Week – Turbocharged Honda B18C

1320 DTR recently built this Honda B18C engine for a top drag car. This engine was built to show customers what could be done without breaking the bank.

Turbocharged Honda B18C Engine

When an attempt at building an all motor Honda engine wasn’t going to perform up to expectations, Daniel Cahalan and the team at 1320 DTR decided to go with a turbo set up for a top drag car application. Find out the results of the Honda B18C engine build!

Video: Engine of the Week – Honda Civic Type R Engine

This week we take an in-depth look at Honda’s new Civic Type R engine, also known as the K20C1 engine. This particular build was done by the guys at 4 Piston Cylinder Heads in Danville, IN.

Civic Type R K20C1 Engine

“Not many people have seen the Civic Type R engine taken apart, let alone built into something substantial. They’re pretty big engines from the factory – we’re bending rods at 400 horsepower, which is unlike Hondas in the past. This engine is a totally different approach. It’s a direct injection, turbo engine. It’s the Honda that we’re going to be working with for the next 20 years.” Read how 4 Piston Cylinder Heads built this Civic Type R engine into an 800 hp beast.