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Honing the LS

Modern honing techniques are as much a performance concern as they are part of engine design, and that’s thanks to the much tighter tolerances and specifications engines need these days. 

Tennessee Abrasive Rottler Type and Sunnen Type Replacement Stones

Tennessee Abrasives offers a variety of Rottler and Sunnen Type Replacement stones for all your honing needs.

Rottler and Sunnen Replacement Stones
Equipment & Machine Maintenance

If you take care of your machines, they’ll take care of you.

Hone in on Honing

The key to honing is to get the rings to seal against the cylinder wall by making just enough valley depth.

Sunnen SH-4000 Series Honing Machine

Sunnen’s new SH-4000 builds on the 21-year heritage of the successful EC and ML series machines.

Rottler Manufacturing H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machine

Rottler Manufacturing’s H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machines are built for today’s modern engine builder and feature: Windows Touch Screen Operating System; Internet Support & Connectivity; Automated hole-to-hole unattended operation, ­offering 50-70% labor savings; CNC Touch Screen Control – easy ­programming for ­automated operation; Automated Load/Force Control for perfect surface finish and geometry; Automatic Lower Crash