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Perfecting Ring Seal Soup

Using modern honing machines, surface finishes, crosshatch angles, ring materials, and coatings all combine to create a more efficient engine.

Sunnen’s Newest Honing Equipment Highlights

As Sunnen Products Co. celebrates 100 years in the industry in 2024, Tom Dustman, sales director for Sunnen, and other Sunnen team members were at the 2023 PRI Show to showcase the latest Sunnen equipment, including the SV-35 and SV-15 honing machines to engine builders and machinists.

Champion Honing Oil

Champion Professional-Grade Honing Oil is a robust high-performance honing and finishing fluid designed utilizing a select blend of base fluids and additives.

Equipment & Machine Maintenance

If you take care of your machines, they’ll take care of you.

Hone in on Honing

The key to honing is to get the rings to seal against the cylinder wall by making just enough valley depth.

EPA’s Threat To Ban Chlorinated Paraffins Evaporates – For Now, Forever?

Predictions were rampant two years ago that some popular honing oils containing chlorinated paraffins would be off the market by mid-2016 due to the EPA’s announced intent to ban the additives. However, there is no official date for such a ban and, according to one supplier of honing oils, there may never be.