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Howell EFI 8.1L Chevy Vortec Engine Swap Wiring Harnesses

Improve air-to-fuel flow and fuel efficiency with a Chevy 8.1L Vortec engine swap.  Howell EFI, an expert manufacturer of EFI systems and components for 35 years, is answering the call for a complete wiring harness for 8.1L Chevy Vortec, (#HVL81) Big Block engine swaps that is plug and play. With symmetrical cathedral port cylinder heads and modern

Howell EFI Wiring Harnesses

Reprogramming of the existing ECM or ECM module supplied by Howell is required. ECM’s are reprogrammed to the vehicle’s engine and transmission specifications; i.e. gear ratios, tire size, cam changes, vehicle anti-theft (VAT’s) removal, etc. 

Howell EFI Wiring Harnesses for Land Rover LS Swaps

The Howell EFI LS-1 and Gen III/Vortec truck wiring harness is designed for manual or non-electronic transmission and includes mechanical throttle linkage. Options are available for emission connections or fan wiring.

Howell TBI Conversion Kits for 1974-1993 Dodge Ramcharger and Plymouth Trailduster SUV

Howell EFI now offers TBI kits to convert any first or second Generation Dodge Ramcharger or Plymouth Trailduster to throttle body injection for improved drivability, cold starting and fuel mileage in one plug and play system. Howell’s Chrysler TBI systems improve starting and idling with a more consistent tune that equates to improved fuel mileage and drivability. 

Howell Conversion
Howell EFI Introduces TBI Conversion Kits for Classic International Harvester Scout Trucks

The Scout is going through a renaissance of popularity, especially at auctions nationwide. Howell EFI offers eight different Throttle Body Injection (TBI) kits that can be used to convert classic International Harvester Scout trucks to TBI. Whether driven off-road, used for show or a daily driver, Howell’s TBI conversion kits are designed to convert classic

Howell EFI
Howell EFI I-6 and V8 Ford TBI Conversion Kits

Howell EFI is known widely in the industry for their easy to install GM-based EFI and TBI kits for Jeep CJs, most of which are 50 state emissions legal. Now available are Howell’s Ford Inline 6 and V8 TBI Kits ideal for converting carbureted first generation classic (1966 to ’77) Ford Broncos to TBI. Whether

Conversion Kit
Howell EFI LT1/LT4 and EcoTec3 Harnesses for Classic Cars

Howell EFI harnesses are designed to transplant powerful engines into an unlimited number of applications from Street Rod, Pro-Touring, Off-Road, Sand Rails, Street Machines, and more.

Howell EFI
Howell EFI Ford TBI Kit for Carbureted 6 Cylinder and V8 Applications

Howell EFI now offers Ford TBI kits for any classic carbureted inline 6 or V8 Ford application. The Ford TBI kits are ideal for increasing drivability, and improving fuel mileage and cold starting in older street-driven classics and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Howell Introduces Complete TBI Conversion Kits for Mopar

Howell EFI now offers a full selection of TBI conversion kits for Mopar vehicles with an I6, V6 or V8 engine.

Howell LT/EcoTec3 Conversion Harnesses and Accessories

Howell now offers LT1/LT4 swap harnesses for 2014+ Camaro and Corvette direct injection and for direct injection for trucks with EcoTec3 L83, L86, and 4.3L V6 LV3-C truck engines.

Howell EFI TBI Conversion Kits for Ford

Howell EFI now offers almost universal TBI kit coverage for Ford vehicles with any make or model, V6 or V8 engine that uses ignition other than points. Designed to improve drivability, fuel mileage and cold starting, the Ford TBI conversion kits are available for 240 cid to 460 cid engines.

Howell EFI Announces 30 Year Anniversary

Thirty years ago, co-owners Matt and Bill Howell opened the doors of Howell EFI for business in Detroit. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) was the rage, especially in the hot rod, street rod and 4-wheel drive markets. Matt and Bill saw an opportunity to develop wiring harnesses that would allow a simpler conversion to EFI.