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Red Bull Announces Production Hypercar

Red Bull has announced their production of the RB17 hypercar project. Production on this car is limited to only 50 cars to be built.

F1-Powered Mercedes-AMG One Debuts

The all-wheel-drive hypercar is road-legal and reaches 124 mph in 7 seconds.

The World’s First Engine in a Watch: Jacob & Co. Announces Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Timepiece

This exquisite Bugatti Chiron themed timepiece is sure to turn heads…

Bugatti Watch
SSC Tuatara Crowned World’s Fastest Production Vehicle

SSC has announced it broke the top speed record for production vehicles with its 1750-horsepower Tuatara supercar. With a fastest top speed of 331 mph and a fastest two-way average of 316 mph, the Tuatara is now the fastest production car on Earth, beating out the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ by nearly 12 mph. The record was

The 1140 hp Heart of a Hypercar – Inside Koenigsegg

Christian Von Koenigsegg reveals the design and development of the custom built 1,140 hp V8 engine that powers the Agera R hypercar.