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JMS Daytona CD-1 Full Race Ignition System

This system optimizes the potential of distributor and crank trigger-based ignition systems on all 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines.

Dragon Fire Performance Ignition Distributors

These distributors feature CNC-machined billet aluminum housings and fully adjustable mechanical advance, vacuum advance, and an internal circuit board module built in.

Understanding Spark Plugs & Ignition Components

Simple parts such as spark plugs are much more involved than you might realize. Samantha Moore of Vector Motorsports breaks down the crucial things you need to know about spark plugs and other ignition components as they relate to your car or application.

MSD 6CT Pro Circle Track Ignition

Holley/MSD has announced the release of the 6CT Pro Circle Track Ignition, the latest iteration of MSD’s line of ignition systems for circle-track racing. Based on the design of the MSD 6CT and packed with power, the 6CT Pro provides an array of improvements and features.

MSD Ignition Products

Holley/MSD has announced the release of a wide array of ignition products, including an HEI ignition kit, a cap and rotor, a boot/terminal kit, an O-ring kit, and an HEI distributor timing lockout kit.

Mallory Ignition Components

Holley has announced the release of several new ignition products from Mallory. Included is a powerful ignition box, three different types of coils, four new distributors, and three unique spark plug wire kits.

Understanding Ignition Timing: Making Maximum Power Means Knowing the Science

In a spark ignition internal combustion engine, the purpose of advancing the timing of the engine spark is to get past ignition delay. Ignition delay occurs during the time that it takes to fully ignite the mixture with a spark plug.

General Motors Settles Certain Civil Litigation Related to its Ignition Switches

Last week, General Motors had been ordered to pay a $900 million settlement for criminal charges related to a flawed ignition switch that has been tied to at least 124 deaths. GM has settled certain civil actions against the company related to 2014 product recalls, including the ignition switch recall.

MSD Named Official Ignition of USMTS and USRA Racing Series

MSD of El Paso, Texas, is excited to be the official ignition for the 2014 United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) as well as the United States Racing Association (USRA). “The USMTS and USRA are pleased to have MSD on board to be the official ignition of both series,” said Ryne Staley, operations manager for