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Edelbrock Releases New EFI Manifolds for Chrysler HEMI

Edelbrock has released a new manifold designed for the “Eagle” Chrysler 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L Gen III HEMI engines with fuel injection. The overall design of the manifold is similar to the factory 6.1L SRT intake manifold, but features raised injector bosses that are angled outward to decrease port restriction and added nitrous bosses along the near vertical runners.

Holley Sniper Fabricated Intake Manifold

Holley’s all-new line of budget-friendly Sniper fabricated intake manifolds are ideal for large-displacement and high-RPM engines and are a fit for most major engine platforms, including GM LS engines, Ford Mod motors including Coyote, small-block Chevys, and small-block Fords.

Edelbrock Cross-Ram LS3 Intake Manifold

The Edelbrock Cross-Ram LS3 intake manifold is ideal for anybody ready to combine dynamic looks with outstanding performance between 1500-7000 rpm. The unique dual-plenum design features 13″ long runners with flanges that will accept 90mm GM LS3 throttle bodies.

Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold for Holden Engines

Edelbrock’s new RPM Air-Gap intake manifold for Holden 308-383 c.i.d. engines with VN style cylinder heads are designed for street and high performance 308-383 c.i.d. Holden V8 engines that utilize the 1988-98 Holden VN cylinder heads.

Edelbrock Offers Rebate with Carburetor or Manifold Purchase

Edelbrock has announced the “Genuine Edelbrock” promotion. Consumers will receive a $25.00 rebate with the proof of purchase on any Edelbrock carburetor or intake manifold, for a combined rebate of $50.00 when purchased together.

Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Intakes

Edelbrock’s new intake manifolds are designed for street and high performance 308-383 c.i.d. Holden V8 engines that utilize the 1988-’98 Holden VN cylinder heads. These RPM Air-Gap manifolds are a dual-plane design that are tuned for strong throttle response from 1500 to 6500 rpm.

Air Flow Research Big Block Ford Heads and Intake Manifold

AFR has recently released its new 429/460 Big Block Ford Heads and Intake Manifold. These parts are available with a 270cc, 285cc or 300cc intake runner, and have either a stock height exhaust or .250 raised exhaust with two combustion chamber choices of 75 or 85cc.

Intake Manifold Installation

Tips on intake manifold installation and galvanic corrosion using stainless fasteners.

MSD Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold for LT1 Platforms

If you’re looking for bolt-on power and torque for your new LT1, the new Atomic AirForce intake manifold from MSD is the answer. This all-new polymer intake will increase the performance of stock and modified versions of the Direct-Injected LT1 engine.

Edelbrock’s LS3 Cross-Ram Intake

Edelbrock’s new cross-ram intake for LS3 engines incorporates dual 90mm throttle body mounts, and is ideal for max-effort LS engines.

Single Plane Versus Dual Plane Manifolds

The intake manifold is a critical part of any engine. This video explains the difference between a single and dual plane intake manifold.

Holley Tri-Power Intake Manifold and Carburetor Systems for Small Block Chevys

Holley has announced the release of Tri-Power intake manifold and carburetor systems for small block Chevy engines. The Holley Tri-Power Carburetor System is well-known in Chevrolet circles. It was factory equipment under the hood of the legendary big block L71 and L89 Corvettes.