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Thousands Oppose California’s Mandate Banning New Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales

SEMA members and industry consumers send EPA over 5,000 letters in opposition to ACC II Waiver

Ford Announces it Will Split EV and IC Development Into Different Business Units

Ford is continuing to transform its global automotive business, accelerating the development and scaling of breakthrough electric, connected vehicles, while leveraging its iconic nameplates to strengthen operating performance and take full advantage of engineering and industrial capabilities. “This isn’t the first time Ford has reimagined the future and taken our own path,” said Ford Executive

HCCI Engines Offer a Promising Jump in ICE Technology

HCCI engines are an incredibly promising engine, with many benefits including its decrease in emissions as well as an increased efficiency.

Speed of Air Engine Technology

Speed of Air’s patented technology can easily and effectively optimize combustion to deliver a significant increase in power.

Speed of Air Truck
Report: Electrified Vehicles to Take Half of Global Auto Market by 2030

The tipping point for electrified vehicles is in sight, and a combination of hybrid and fully electric powertrains is expected to cut the global market share of pure internal combustion engines (ICEs) by about 50% by 2030. Internal combustion will continue to play a major role.