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Offshore Boat Engines

While not impossible to build, offshore marine engines are not the easiest to build either, so it takes a skilled and experienced engine builder to churn out the power levels most customers desire.

Race Boat
Mike Finnegan’s 711 cid Twin-Turbo Hemi Jet Boat Engine

With a 455 Olds next to him throughout his childhood, Mike Finnegan learned to love the roar of a V8 engine. This influenced him to get into racing jet boats himself. You’ve likely seen his most recent jet boat set up – a 19-ft. Peterson Place Craft called Game Over with a 711 cubic inch

582 cid SR20 Nitrous Jet Boat Engine

This 582 cid SR20 nitrous jet boat engine was built by Mike Miller of Mike Miller Racing Engines for all-out, max-effort racing. The 1,700-horsepower capable engine is one of Miller’s best nitrous combinations yet. Find out why!

Jet Boat Engines & Drag Racing

Jet boat racing started in the ‘60s and grew out of hot rod culture. Stripping down Fords and Chevys to make them go faster quickly translated into boats, and the rest is history.