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K1 Toyota Supra / BMW B58 Connecting Rods

Forged from 4340 steel and machined within precise tolerances, these connecting rods for the B58 boast a winning combination of features.

K1 Technologies Forged Steel Crankshafts

Forged from premium 4340 alloy with large fillet radii, the crankshafts are heat-treated using the Nitriding process that improves strength and stability.

K1 Technologies Honda J-Series Connecting Rods

Developed with the enthusiast in mind, whether it’s blown, turbocharged, nitrous injected or all-motor, you can rely on K1’s connecting rods to deliver reliable, consistent power.

K1 Technologies 7.3L Ford Godzilla Connecting Rods

K1’s engineering team has designed a proven H-Beam forging from 4340 chrome moly material that offers increased strength and durability through better-aligned grain flow.

K1 Technologies Rods For 2.0L Mitsubishi

K1 Technologies has these potent 2.0L powerplants covered with a selection of premium quality H-beam style connecting rods.

K1 Technologies’ 7.3L Ford Godzilla Connecting Rod

The forging is precision machined and shot-peened to reduce potential stress risers and improve service life. The rod length is 6.319” center-to-center.

Kinderhook Acquires Performance Motorsports International, Forms Race Winning Brands

Kinderhook Industries, LLC has announced the formation of a new performance parts platform, Race Winning Brands through the acquisition of Performance Motorsports International from Dover Corporation. Kinderhook has acquired JE Pistons, Wiseco, Innovate Motorsports, K1 and ProX Racing as a result of the deal with PMI.