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Polymer coatings in the engine performance industry have become extremely popular in the past 5 years. The usage of polymer coatings has been widespread, not only in engine bearings, but also in pistons, cylinder heads, bolts, and other engine parts operating in heated and pressured environments. King Engine Bearings has been at the forefront of

King Bearing’s Alpha Line Now Covers Lamborghini’s Huracan

King’s Alpha bearing line now covers high-horsepower Lamborghini Huracan engines.

Engine Bearing Supplier Q&A

It’s hard to believe that such small shell-shaped parts can be in charge of so much in the life of an engine, but that’s just the way it is.

King Bearings and AMS Performance Launch Alpha Bearing Line

The Alpha line is a polymer-coated series of engine bearings for high-end performance applications.

King Announces Protect Your Build Rebate

The rebate program is effective August 1 through September 30. Rebates are available up to a total of $300 per person.

King Engine Bearings Makes Catalog Site Mobile Friendly

King Engine Bearings’ e-catalog site is now adjusted to be mobile phone friendly. Following input and requests from end users, King has upgraded the site to accommodate up-to-date mobile device platforms. This makes it easy for mobile and other non-desktop users to find their relevant bearing sets by searching with specific engine, vehicle model, or

Catching Up with King Engine Bearings CEO, Omer Zaslavsky

When we started here in the U.S., we were facing loyal customers of other brands. It was a huge challenge to convince them to try our bearings.

King Engine Bearings Launches New Website

At the height of the racing season, King Engine Bearings, a leading manufacturer of innovative high performance engine bearings, is launching its new racing website featuring an overhauled design and attributes. The new website,, contains technical information on King race bearing materials, special geometric features, technical articles and more. The site is mobile friendly,

King Bearings GM Vortec & LS Series Bearing Design Changes

King Bearings has announced changes in design of the upper and lower thrust bearing shells for GM Vortec and LS series engines.

King Engine Bearings’ 2020-2021 Race Application Guide

The new race catalog includes the newest developments from 2019 such as Top Fuel, Pro Mod, motorcycle, powersports, and polymer coated applications.

King Engine Bearings’ Bi-Metal MC Series Bearings

King Engine Bearings has introduced a new solution for the aftermarket demand of superior service life and performance in modern engines.

King Bearing’s Coated Race Bearings to be Exhibited at Autosport UK 2020

Following successful shows at SEMA and PRI, King Engine Bearings is heading on to the AUTOSPORT UK trade show.