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King Racing Subaru FA20 BRZ/FRS Race Bearings

King Racing’s newest edition race bearings for the Subaru FA20 BRZ/FRS will be at this years 2015 PRI Show. King is the first in the market to introduce these newly designed race bearings for Subaru FA20 / Toyota 4U GSE.

King Racing to Host Tech Seminar at PRI on Hard vs. Soft Race Bearings

King Engine Bearings will discuss the differences between bearings made of hard materials vs. soft materials and how to utilize the right material attributes for your performance engine build. The seminar will be held at the 2015 PRI Trade Show on Friday, December 11th from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm in Room 234.

King Race Bearings U-Groove

In racing main bearings, the groove’s shape and size perform a vital role. The groove should be wide enough to allow sufficient oil flow, but narrow enough to maximize the working surface. In today’s race engines, contrary to popular belief, there is significant load on the upper main bearing shells. The extra load is a

The Science of Speed Webinar Presented by King Racing

Today’s race engines make more power than ever before. Yesterday’s engine bearing load capacity no longer works today… and tomorrow’s race engines will be even more powerful. There’s a need to meet these demands with higher bearing design standards and improved materials. King Racing’s XP series of rod and main bearings was developed to meet