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Choosing the Correct Block for Your LS Engine Build

Whether you’re scouring junkyards, ordering cores, investigating factory options, looking at aftermarket cast iron or aluminum blocks, or spending big bucks on billet LS blocks, you’ve probably noticed it’s been harder to find exactly what you want for the foundation of your LS build than it historically has.

Turbocharged 4.8L LS Engine

This orange ’71 Camaro with a license plate that reads “More PSI” is owned by Jamie Doller of Lowdoller Motorsports. The streetcar has a turbocharged 4.8L LS engine in it that was rescued from a junkyard and turned into an excellent drag-and-drive powerplant. Find out how much horsepower it makes!

Building a 6.0L LS Engine

What’s more legendary than the LS engine? With over 20 years in production, the LS has become the chosen V8 for many an engine builder. This article dives into what you’ll need consider when building a high-performance 6.0L LS engine.

6.0L LS engine
2022 LS Fest Texas: Winners and Results

This year’s LS Fest took place in Texas, which play host to the event that features all the popular automotive mayhem that LS Fests are known for including drifting, drag racing, burnout contests, show-n-shine, autocross, a dyno challenge & more! Over the course of the June 17 weekend, many names were crowned for various categories

Stefan Rossi’s Twin-Turbo 427 LS Next Engine

After thrashing for a month straight on his 1966 Chevy Nova SS and its twin-turbo 427 LS Next engine, Stefan Rossi of ACE Racing Engines wasn’t quite able to make it to Drag Week 2021 as he intended. However, when Sick Week 2022 was announced, Stefan and his team were all over it. We caught

450 cid Single Turbo LS Engine

After crashing his Chevy S-10 named Toxic during a No Prep race, Sergio ‘Flaco’ Gonzalez rebuilt the truck and its LS engine set up for radial drag racing and has been competing there ever since. You won’t believe what Toxic’s new 450 cid single-turbo LS engine is capable of.

LS Engine Swap Tips

The LS was almost purposely designed for engine swapping. Today, a fledgling industry is built around LS swapping and aftermarket parts vendors ready to support them.

470 cid Twin-Turbo LS Engine

Don’t miss the details of this 470 cubic inch twin-turbo LS engine built by Nelson Racing Engines in Chatsworth, CA. The engine was built to be capable of 2,000 horsepower and still driven on the street.

383 cid Turbocharged LS1 Engine

Celebrating 1 year in business this past July, Fathead Racing Engines focuses on high-performance builds like this 383 cid LS1 engine that a customer wanted to turbocharge and make more power with. Find out what went into the build!

376 cid LS3 LSR Engine

When a customer came to Mullenix Racing Engines wanting to kick it up a level from his stock bottom end and stock heads, engine builder James Mullenix built him a 376 cid LS3 LSR engine. Find out what went into this LS build and what kind of power it’s cranking out!

370 cid LS3 Engine

Eric Roycroft showed up to the 2019 Race Engine Challenge in Charlotte, back in mid-September, with a 370 cid LS3 engine, which he entered into the inline valve class. The part-time engine builder was an underdog among professionals, but he came out on top. Find out what went into his winning LS3 engine build!

466 cid LS7 Engine

When you walk the floor of the SEMA Show there’s no shortage of amazing cars, engines and parts in every direction! Just take this 466 cid LS7 engine inside a Chevelle SS as an example! We stopped by Mast Motorsports to get the details. Find out what went into this Mast Motorsports-built LS7 engine!