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Mast Motorsports Announces Factory Mast

Mast Motorsports has formed and launched a new brand and product line dubbed Factory Mast. The new division will provide powertrain systems to modify and install late model performance for OE, custom chassis, or retrofit applications. Factory Mast will focus on four powertrain platforms: LS Gen III/IV, LT Gen V, Ford Godzilla, and the new LST platform. 

Twin-Turbo 427 LSX Engine

Looking to increase horsepower and decrease 1/8th-mile times, this Evo VIII owner opted to lose the 4G63 and swap in a custom-built, twin-turbo 427 LSX engine. Find out what went into the build.

388 cid Whipple-Supercharged LS7 Engine

Unable to afford a COPO Camaro, Bob Reinhardt of Madcap Racing Engines decided to build an even better version. It’s a 388 cid LS7-based engine with a 4.0L Whipple on methanol fuel – and it’s injected. It’s pretty cool, and Bob expects to make around 2,000 horsepower. Find out what makes the build unique.

502 cid LS Engine

With a love for building naturally aspirated engines, Ramiro Ramirez of Fatboys Racing Engines built this 502 cid LS engine for a Chevy Silverado single cab truck. Find out what went into the build and how much horsepower the engine can crank out!

Engine of the Week October 2020 Recap

In this recap of October’s performance engines, we take a look at a turbocharged Evo X 4B11 engine built by 4D Engineering; an AJPE 521 cid ProCharged Hemi Pro Mod engine for Aeromotive’s NHRA race team; a 434 cid Dirt Late Model LS engine built by Blue Chip Racing Engines; and a Roots-Blown 540 cid

Twin-Turbo 508 cid LSX Engine

Just one of Jason Raley’s 48 cars that he’s owned in his life is this Pontiac Trans-Am drag car. With nearly 1,900 horsepower coming from its twin-turbo 508 cid LSX engine, he says it’s a bit more special than the rest. Find out why!

434 cid Dirt Late Model LS Engine

Blue Chip Racing Engines builds high-performance engines for super late models, UMP modifieds, super stocks, crate cars, and pure stocks, but one of its more popular engines is its dirt late model engine package – a 434 cid LS engine build. Offering nearly 900 HP, it’s not hard to see why. Find out what goes into the build.

Holley Single-Plane Intake Manifold

The new Holley Single-Plane Race intake manifold is designed with maximum performance in mind and features a two-piece split design that provides access for all levels of porting and modification.

383 cid Turbocharged LS1 Engine

Celebrating 1 year in business this past July, Fathead Racing Engines focuses on high-performance builds like this 383 cid LS1 engine that a customer wanted to turbocharge and make more power with. Find out what went into the build!

2020 LS Engine Sweepstakes Winner Announced

What was the best phone call you’ve ever received? When Jonathon West of Highlands Ranch, CO looked at his buzzing phone screen, an unfamiliar number from Bowling Green, Kentucky stared back. West assumed it was a telemarketer, but answered anyway. However, rather than the expected robotic accent pedaling cellular snake oil, Holley Director of Marketing,

2,700+ HP 427 cid Twin-Turbo LS Engine

Pushing out more than 2,700 horsepower at the wheels, this Gen I Camaro might have one of the most powerful LS engines under its hood. The 427 cid twin-turbo LS was built by Borowski Race Engines. Find out what went into this high-horsepower race engine!

A Look Inside Race Cast Engineering

Race Cast Engineering provides engineering and manufacturing services while also producing their own products.