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LSI Expands, Adds 24,000 Sq. Ft. Shipping Hub

Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret™ brand of performance additives and oils and custom lubricant solutions provider for industrial clients, announces the expansion of their warehouse footprint with the addition of a 24,000 square foot facility located in Mt. Gilead, OH. The facility was purchased to improve efficiency and distribution of the company’s

LSI Chemical BoostPower 247C and 247K Gasoline Additives

BoostClean247C is a concentrated detergent cleaner that will effectively clean deposits with only one fill-up while BoostPower247K is formulated to be a maintenance detergent cleaner additive to keep the engine clean and prevent build-up daily.

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LSI Chemical NanoClear504 Oil Additive

This oil additive allows for higher load carrying capacity, higher adsorbability, and an increased film strength for better wear resistance.

Nano Clear
LSI Chemical Fuel Additives for Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels

The new additives can be used for downstream fuel production to restore power and fuel economy while providing long-term protection against corrosion and waxy polymeric deposits.

LSI Chemical Adds Business Development & Marketing Manager

LSI Chemical, a manufacturer of high performance oil and fuel additives for downstream oil, gas and diesel fuel production, has announced Thomas Robinson as the company’s new business development and marketing manager. The new position was created in March in response to the company’s rapid growth of new international distributors authorized to sell LSI Chemical

LSI Chemical BoostClean825

This aftermarket additive deep cleans gasoline fuel systems, dissolving gum and varnish while also stabilizing ethanol and lubricating upper cylinders.

LSI Chemical NanoRestore736 Oil Additive

Oil additive removes 98% burnt oil (varnish) in mineral, semi
synthetic and synthetic oils for a clean rating of 98%.

LSI Chemical NanoClear304

Developed for the use in existing lubricant formulas across multiple applications, NanoClear304 provides a wide range of benefits, including friction reduction and other common benefits that come along with nano technology.

LSI Chemical TotalArmorW7 Diesel Fuel Additive

TotalArmorW7 provides consistent winter operability and increases cetane up to 7-points for improved power, fuel economy and cold starts.

LSI Chemical ArcticArmor523 Cold Flow Improver for Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel suppliers and manufacturers are invited to work directly with LSI Chemical’s lab to develop custom blend diesel fuel for improved cold weather performance.