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Turbocharged and Nitrous-Boosted 429 cid LSX Engine

It’s tough to beat the lines and looks of a Chevy Nova. Jason Sack’s 1969 Nova is certainly up there in terms of coolest-looking, and it doesn’t hurt that it has 2,200+ horsepower under the hood courtesy of a turbocharged and nitrous-boosted 429 cid LSX engine! See for yourself!

Jason Sack’s Turbocharged 429 cid LSX Engine

Jason Sack had arguably one of the nicest Novas we saw during Sick Week 2023. The car’s beauty had some sort of gravitational pull as we walked passed it in the pits. Naturally, we gave in and stopped to have a chat with Jason Sack about his 1969 Nova and its turbocharged 429 cid LSX

Turbocharged 396 cid LSX Engine

With 396 cubic inches of LSX block, a 102mm turbo and tons of aftermarket and custom components helping make 1,600 rwhp, Brent Sinclair’s Camaro SS means serious business on both the street and the track. See what went into this TKM Performance engine build!

Camaro SS Featuring a Turbocharged 396 cid LSX Engine

Brent Sinclair is the owner of this 1999 Camaro SS, which features a turbocharged 396 cubic inch LSX engine built by TKM. We met Brent during the 2022 Midwest Drags and got all the details of his setup.

427 LSX Twin Turbo Engine

We’ve now covered a couple of engine builds done by Ramiro Ramirez of Fat Boys Racing Engines, and each one gets better than the last. He’s already showcased a 502 LS and a forced induction LSX build. His latest creation is this 427 LSX twin-turbo engine built for a street/strip application.

ProCharged 1,600-HP LSX Engine

Founded in 1929, Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center or (SDPC) is a fourth generation, family owned and operated, wholesaler of GM parts and engines located in Lubbock, TX. Scoggin Dickey Parts Center also has advanced engine machining equipment within its SDPC Raceshop, where complete ground-up engine builds and modified new crate engines are built. The Raceshop can

ProCharged 400 cid LSX Engine

With a chassis built by Miller Race Cars for a drag racing application, an SDPC Raceshop customer recently got this ProCharged 400 cid LSX engine built, which runs on race gas and methanol. Find out what helps this engine make 1,600 horsepower!

Sunnen Sweepstakes Raises $50K For Victory Junction

The Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes has announced a grand total of $50,000 will be donated to Victory Junction as a result of the 2017 raffle sweepstakes of a 454 cid Procharged LS engine built by Patterson-Elite Performance.

454 cid Procharged LSX Engine

Engine of the Week returns in 2018 with a special 454 cid Procharged LSX engine built by Patterson-Elite Performance for Sunnen’s Charity Engine Sweepstakes for Victory Junction. The 1,300 hp LSX helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for a good cause.

Proform LSX Orange Aluminum LS Valve Covers

Proform’s new LSX orange aluminum LS valve covers with raised LSX emblem will give a generic stock LS engine a personalized look while accommodating a wide variety of large valve train applications.