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Sandy Wilkins Invites Us to Tour Wilkins Racing Engines

When we were in Mooresville, NC this summer, we kept seeing signs for Wilkins Racing Engines, so we took the hint and stopped at the shop to check it out. Shop owner Sandy Wilkins invited us in and we were not disappointed! This engine machine shop does a number of different things for several racing

Harrell Engine & Dyno Shop Tour

During our week in Mooresville, NC, we couldn’t leave town before visiting Pete Harrell and his shop, Harrell Engine & Dyno. We stopped by to see what engines Pete was building, what cars he was tuning and what other cool things he was working on. He was kind enough to give us the full tour.

Jason Sack’s Cowboy Up Nova Gets Steve Morris Engine’s SML – Part 1

Jason Sack’s Cowboy Up Nova was already a formidable drag-and-drive streetcar capable of 200 mph 7-second quarter mile ETs and 2,200 horsepower. However, the quest for more power and performance is never done, and that’s where Steve Morris Engines comes in and the new SML engine platform. Watch as Steve readies an SML for Jason’s

Prestige Motorsports’ Head Hunter Cylinder Head Development

Inside engine machine shops, the evolution of horsepower and performance gains never rests. Case in point, the guys at Prestige Motorsports have been doing some serious R&D work on a set of Brodix Head Hunter cylinder heads to give customers in the racing and high-performance world a better solution. We go into the details with

Shop Tour of MBE Cylinder Heads & Manifolds

While visiting the Mooresville, NC area, we got a chance to swing by MBE Cylinder Heads & Manifolds to check out all the cool things the shop had going on. Owner Matt Bieneman showed us around and answered some questions. Check it out!

Shop Tour of Gibbons Motorsports

We recently visited Mooresville, NC and got a chance to see inside Gibbons Motorsports, an engine machine shop that does a lot of machining and engine building in-house. Anything from dirt track, circle track to drag racing and street engines, Pete Gibbons and his team can do it. Pete gives us a tour.

Rottler Report with Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines

Steve Morris is the owner of Steve Morris Engines, an engine machine shop located in Muskegon, MI. They recently purchased a new Rottler Manufacturing H85AX machining center. With in-house prototype development and CNC machining capabilities, Steve Morris Engines builds close to 100 exclusive, full-custom engines each year. They also have the capability to dyno tune

Rottler Report with Sandy Wilkins of Wilkins Racing Engines

Sandy Wilkins is the owner of Wilkins Racing Engines, an engine machine shop located in Moorseville, NC. The build performance race engines and their team has won multiple national championships and records. They recently purchased a new Rottler Manufacturing F69A machining center. “This Rottler is great because you can do boring, decking, circle interpolation, etc.

Rottler Report with Alan Myers of Myers Automotive

Alan Myers is the owner of Myers Automotive, an engine machines shop located in Sibley, LA that does professional engine machining – anything from racing engines to diesels. They recently purchased a Rottler Manufacturing H85A machine. “We wanted something to accomodate all our needs. We’ve been incredibly blessed with the amount of business we’ve received

Rottler Report with Chuck Priestly of Best Engines

Chuck Priestly is the owner of Best Engines, an engine machines shop located in Wake Village, TX that does professional engine design, machining, assembly, testing, block boring, honing, crank polishing, and a number of other services. They recently purchased @rottler S86A and the H85AX machines. “We choose Rottler because it’s the industry gold standard. They are high

Rottler Report with Todd Goodwin of Goodwin Competition

Todd Goodwin is the owner of Goodwin Competition, a fully equipped, state of the art machine shop that’s set up to do R&D, as well as prototype work. Custom machine work includes CNC machining of cylinder heads & blocks, 5-axis CNC porting, CNC manifold porting and custom piston profiling. All of this is thanks to

Rottler Report with Jessie Berwick of R&L Engines

Jessie Berwick is the Head Machinist at R&L Engines, a 6,000 sq. ft. state of the art engine rebuilding and machining facility that handles performance vintage, race and marine engines. They own three different Rottler Manufacturing machines, including this F69A. “One thing I like about Rottler machines it that they require minimal maintenance and have