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A Review of the History and Technology in 2.5L Hydroplane Racing Engines

Modern marine engines are as varied as their road- and track-going counterparts. Whether they’re powering working habor tugs, ocean-crossing container ships, leisure and fishing boats or hardcore racing boats, marine engine builders are dedicated to improving their performance and reliability through innovation. 2.5L engines have been used in both midget racing and hydroplane applications for

Honda Marine Receives IBEX Innovation Award for BF6 Outboard Engine

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), along with a judging panel from Boating Writers International (BWI), has named the all-new Honda Marine BF6 portable engine as a recipient of a 2016 International Boat Builder’s Exhibition (IBEX) Innovation Award for outboard engine technology.

A Job Well Done

If Timm Jurincie stopped accepting engine work today at his Avondale, AZ shop, Tuf-Enuf Auto & Marine Performance, he would still have enough work to last until September. Tuf-Enuf, which focuses on performance marine engines and street strip motors, is a sought-after engine shop in the Avondale and Phoenix area despite not advertising.

Honda Marine and H2O Sports Manufacturing Announce New Agreement

Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., and H2O Sports Manufacturing, LLC announced a new agreement to revive the Trophy brand boat to be powered exclusively by Honda Marine engines. Honda Marine is a marketer of a complete range of outboard marine 4-stroke engines.

QualCast Light-Duty, Medium-Duty and Marine Catalog

QualCast has announced its newest catalog, the QualCast 2016 Light-Duty Catalog, the third in a series of QualCast and QualFast aftermarket and performance catalogs.

How Today’s Wake Surfing Craze Can Be Killing Marine Engines

According to some experts, wake surfing has become one of America’s hottest sports. For those of you who are actively involved in building engines for pavement or off-road racing, marine motors may seem to be either an obstacle or an opportunity – and you would be right in both cases.

When Oil and Water Mix – The Marine Engine Market

For those unfamiliar with marine engines, there is a common misconception that these are highly unique devices. This simply isn’t the case. If you can rebuild an automobile engine, you can rebuild a marine engine. If you can build a solid, reliable drag or circle track engine, you can build, or rebuild, a marine performance engine. The key to success is understanding the subtle differences and being able to recognize the pitfalls.

Shop Solutions: October 2013 Issue

Balloons Belong at Birthday Parties Not in Transmissions I rebuilt a 454 GM engine that went into a motorhome application. It ran well, and no problems immediately appeared. But later on, it was towed in with a main bearing failure in the thrust area. I gave the customer another engine, and a month later it