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Horsepower and Head Gasket Technology

Head gaskets have one of the toughest job in an engine, and now we’re pushing them harder than ever, making it easier to expose the slightest weakness.

Cometic Ford Coyote Top End Gasket Kit

This gasket kit features a 94mm bore, .040″ MLS cylinder head gasket.

Cometic Gasket Ford Coyote Top End Gasket Kit
Cometic Spring Energized MLS Head Gaskets

These gaskets are available for GM LSX and LS applications.

Mr. Gasket MLS Head Gaskets

Performance automotive manufacturing company, Mr. Gasket, has announced its complete line of high quality Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets for a wide range of domestic engines. These gaskets provide improved protection for high-compression, turbo and supercharged applications.

When to Upgrade a Performance Head Gasket

A rule of thumb for performance engine building is that if you are doubling an engine’s power output, or are going much over 550 to 600 hp, you should upgrade to some type of aftermarket performance gaskets. Upgrades usually require no additional modifications. You just swap a performance MLS gasket for the stock head gasket.