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MAHLE Motorsport PowerPak Options for Big Block Mopar Engines

Both the 383,400 (B) -8.1cc Flat Top and 440 (RB) -24.6cc Dish pistons are made of high strength 4032 alloy with a slipper skirt forging and are dual coated with MAHLE’s GRAFAL® skirt coating and Phosphate dry lubricant.

ProForm Mopar Rocker Arm Kits

MOPAR Emblem Rocker Arm offerings are expanding to include both 1.6 Ratio (LA & B/RB engine families), and 1.7 Ratio (B/RB engines). Features include a roller tip design, internal oiling shaft-to-rocker channel system to lubricate the pivot area, and low-friction bronze bushings; all the same as the popular, high demand MOPAR Emblem 1.5 ratio rockers.

Holley Gen III Hemi Mid-Sump Oil Pan

The cast aluminum construction and integrated windage tray on the oil pans, combined with o-ring sealing, provide an attractive, leak-free solution for your engine swap.

EB Takeover: Maloof Racing Engines

Join the Maloof Racing Engines family as they take you on a tour of the high-performance engine shop located in San Gabriel, CA. And be sure to tune into their new Netflix show “Drive Hard: The Maloof Way” premiering 8/26! EB Takeovers are brought to you by SBI and EngineQuest.

Speedmaster – Mopar Chrysler Dodge SB 318 340 360 MidRise Air Intake

The main difference is that there is an open area under the plenum chamber. This feature is sometimes called an air gap design.

Lakewood Industries Bellhousings for Big Block Mopar Engines

Lakewood cast aluminum bellhousings connect Big Block Mopar engines to Mopar 3-spd, Mopar 4-spd or Ford style TKX/TKO transmissions. Designed as a compact, lightweight option for transmission swaps or upgrades. It can use either a 130 or 143 tooth flywheel and a 10.5 or 11 inch clutch. It is suited for factory style mechanical or

Lakewood Industries Bellhousings
540 cid ProCharged Race Hemi Engine

Ken Lazzeri of INDY Cylinder Heads, is an engine builder rivaling anyone who calls themselves one of the best to build Mopar horsepower. He’s been building engines since he was a teen and he recently finished up a 540 cubic inch ProCharged Race Hemi engine for a fast bracket Cuda. We saw it highlighted on Facebook and had to share the details.

Hooker BlackHeart Dodge/Mopar Headers

BH2358 headers are packed with value added features that will make your 1966 -1972 Mopar B-Body & 1970-1974 E-Body Gen III Hemi swap easier than ever.

Holley EFI Billet Fuel Rails for Ford Coyote and Mopar Gen III Hemi

The fuel rails feature a 5/8” diameter fuel passage that provides more flow capacity for high horsepower applications over the stock rails.

Holley’s MoParty Preregistration Now Open

Holley has announced that participant preregistration is live for the second annual MoParty. The all Mopar-powered event is scheduled for September 17-19th and will return to Beech Bend Raceway for more high-octane shenanigans and tire smoking festivities. For 2021, both participant registration and spectator/crew ticket purchasing will take place online only at The MoParty event is dedicated

557 Mopar Mega Block Engine

Tired of having to make a four-hour drive anytime he needed cylinder head work, block work or crank work done, Keith Happs finally bit the bullet and decided to open his own machine shop. The result was Happs CNC Performance Engines in Alexandria, MO, which opened its doors to customer jobs in November 2018. The

360 cid Mopar Engine

This 10.5:1 compression, 360 cid Mopar V8 makes 425 horsepower. However, the intention behind this build was never to wow people with it’s performance potential. Rather, it was to simply give enthusiasts a glimpse at a running engine and to hear what a V8 sounds like. Amen to that!